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FLGI ELECTRIC INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE MANUAL OF RDSO DESIGN POINT MACHINES ELGI ELECTRIC AND INDUSTRIES LTD., P.O. Box No. 7165, “ELGI TOWERS”, 737-D, Puliakulam Road, Coimbatore - 641 045 Phone: 0422 2311711. Fax: 0422 2314411. E-mail: eeil@eeh.saraelgi.com Web:www.elgielectric.com ELGI ELECTRIC INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL OF RDSO DESIGN POINT MACHINES CONTENTS ; 4 Introduction General information about the point machine Installation procedure Testing and adjustment procedure for friction clutch, detector slide .. Periodic Maintenance Procedure . Tools required. . Figures 1 to 6. ELGI ELECTRIC 1. Introduction : The IRS Point machine is designed as per RDSO drawing $/10800. This manual gives details of Point Machine's working with installation and maintenance tips. The rotary motion of the motor with gearbox is converted in to linear motion by the help of pinion attached to the Main Gear assembly shaft, which moves the rack of the drive rod. Main Gear assembly controls the thrust, stalling and slipping loads. Time for action is governed by the rotating speed of the motor in conjunction with the reduction gears. Switching is controlled through the Contactor unit assembly in conjunction with the Main Gear assembly. Alll the above are housed in a base and are covered by a sheet metal cover. The point machine can also be operated manually by the crank handle provided. A schematic drawing showing various components of the point machine is given in Fig. - 1. 2. General information about the point machine : Over all Dimensions : Schematic outline drawing giving overall dimensions are given in Fig.-2 Technical Details: Rated Voltage - t10vDC Motor output - 0.44kW Maximum throw of machine - 143mm Maximum time of operation - 4.0sec Type of operation - Non Trailable with internal locking Weight of machine - 240kgs