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ee! (GSisresves” Relay Style QSRA1 This is a slow release, a.c. immune, d.c. neutral line relay, designed for use where alternating currents at industrial frequencies (50Hz) may be present in the circuit and where release time sufficientto cover the transit time ofan a.cimmuneneutral line relay to BRB 931A is required. The slow release feature is produced by the use of ‘a copper slug. The contacts are Silver Impregnated Graphite to Silver. The relay conforms to BRB Spec.934.A. The following table shows the available range Product | Nominal| Contacts Coil Maximum | Minimum] Interlocking Code | working Resistance full | release | volts ‘ohms operating | volts volts | 4841468 | 50 40 : ADEHJ 4941471 24 ADEFJ 4941483 12 F ABEIM Contact layouts (Rear view) BRovausen-