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lee (GSicrenes” Relay Style QECX These are a.c.current operated tractive armature, miniature relays designed for use in railway signalling lamp proving circuits. The contacts are Silver Impregnated Graphite to Silver. These relays comply with BRB Spec.941 A Each relay of his style has different characteristics or operating parameters to meet, various lamp proving needs. All relays are slugged to some extent. Where a ‘Supply Interruption Time'is guaranteed, itis mentioned in the table. The following table shows the available range Relay | Product| Rated | Contacts) Coil E jin. | Interruption | Inter- used for Style Code | Amps Res, I. Time locking ac, ohm: ms at mA ace | 4241866| 04 Fe 100 180 | ABcOK | 51.35/34tamp 200 | ccoxs | sens07| 10 4s : von | put | occars | 4242217] 04 “7 100 eve | $1.17821 ON [.gecxi4 4841813 | 0.65 100 ACDFS | SL.17&21 OFF Contact layouts (Rear view) A F