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legzic (GSisrenves” Relay Style QNNA1 The style QNNAI comprises of two tractive armature, d.c. neutral, a.c. immune relays mounted side by side on a single plug-in BR 930 series relay base. The two relays operate independently and are designed for use in railway signalling purposes where relays having a maximum of eight pairs of contacts are sufficient, Contacts are Silver Impregnated Graphite to Silver. This relay complies with BRB Spec.966 Appendix F6. The following table shows the available range Product Nominal Code | working volts Coll Resistance ‘ohms Contacts Interlocking Minimum release operating | volts volts 4842574 | 50 6F 2BLH & RH 4842598 50 | 4F 4BLH&RH| 4842562 | 24 ‘| 6F 2BLH&RH 4842586 | 24 | 4F 4BLH&RH 1250 1250 230 230 40 40 19.2 19.2 75 CEFHS 75 CEH) 36 CDEHX 36 ACDHJ Note : Relay with contact configuration 2F/2B LH & RH can be made available as per requirement. Contact layouts (Rear view) AB cD Flelele F B B Cc c & c C Cc ra] c Cc Cc C [s RH relay 6F 2B LH relay oF 2B RH relay 4F 4B LH relay 4F 4B 2 RH relay LH relay F 2B © 2F 2B