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RELEASE Office of the Whire Houre
Prere Secretary




------------------------------------THE WHITE HOUSE

The President today announced that ho is appointing a Special Commission to study and report upon all factr and circumstances relating to the assassination of the late Freeident. John F. Kennedy, and the subsequent violent death of the man charged with the assassination. The Praeident rtated that the Majority and the Senate and the Houre of Representatives respect to the proposed Special Commission. The members of the Special Commission Minority have Leaderehip been consulted of with


Chief Justice Earl Warren, Chairman Senator Richard Russell (Georgia) Senator John Sherman Cooper (Kentucky) Reprorentative Hale Boggr (Louiriana) Representative Gerald Ford (Michigan) Hon. AJlen W. Dullea of Washington Hon. John J. McCloy of New York The Prerident is to be instructed the subject of the inpursuant to an earlier investigation of the facts. ir alno ocheduied by a Texaa Court of Nuiry convened by General of Texan under Texan law. rtated that the Special Commission

to evaluate all available information concerning quiry. The Federal Bureau of tiestigation, directive of the Prerident, is making complete

An inquiry the Attorney


Special Commirrion will have before it all evidence uncovered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and all information available to any agency of the Federal Government. The Attorney General of Texas har alao offered his cooperation. All Federal agencies and offices are being directed to furnish servicer and cooperation to the Special Commiseion. The Commiaaion will also be empowered to conduct any further invertigation that it deema desirable. The Prerident that the truth finding@ and world. ir inrtructing the Special Commission to satisfy itself is known ar far as it can be dircovered, and to report its conclurionr to him, to the American people, and to the