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Departments in a company

Here is a list of ten departments that can find in a large company or business. Maybe the place where you work has more, less or even different departments. Match up the departments to what they do.

a - Human Resources b - Marketing c - Research and Development d - I.T. (Information Technology) e Maintenance

f - Sales g - Customer Service h - Finance i - Dispatch Department j - Production Department

Do you work in for company? How many departments does it have? Which department do you / want to work in?

Responsible for taking care of customer needs:

Responsible for selling the product/service:

Responsible for making the product:

Responsible for how a product/service is advertised and promoted:

Responsible for hiring new staff :

Responsible for the company's computers and network:

Responsible for the office/building:

Responsible for discovering new knowledge about the product, improving it and creating new products:

Responsible for payments, bills and expenses:

Responsible for the delivery of orders: