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Name a famous or influential figure who has inspired you.

Describe this person a nd say why he/she has been inspirational to you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am greatly influenced and inspired by a noted film actor of India Mr., Amitabh Bachchan a legendary actor. He is one of the most prominent and influential fig ures in the Indian film industry. He received many major awards in his career, i ncluding three National Film Awards. His art of communication is marvellous. He has numerous wonderful qualities. Firstly he leads a highly disciplined life and his self confidence is sky rocketing. He is admired for his punctuality. He has never been late on shooting rather he has always been ahead of schedule beca use of his wonderful time management ability. Though Amitabh suffers from Asthma , he never ever allowed this sickness to come in his way to perform and achieve goals. Instances are there when he continued to work even with high fever. He is now 70 and he still continues to work with very high enthusiasm; zeal and effic iency. This inspires me to be persistent regardless of hurdles and adversities.