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Stress Questionnaire for Teenagers Sample:

Name: _______________________

Address: _____________________
Phone Number: ________________ Email id: _____________________________ Q1: Tick the right choice. a) I am a Student b) I am an Employee c) I am Self-employed d) I am looking out for a job

e) None
Q2: How often are you stressed out? a) Never b) Rarely c) Sometimes d) Frequently e) Always Q3. If you are a student, why do you feel stressed out? a) Excessive coursework b) Examinations c) Placements d) Peer pressure e) Relationships f) Problems at home g) Others Q4. If you are an employee, please tick the reasons for stress. a) Career b) Job c) Problems at home d) Relationship e) High expectations f) No work-life balance g) Financial turmoil h) Others If Others, please specify ________________ Q5: If you are self-employed, then why are you stressed? a) Business uncertainties b) Loss in business c) No work-life balance d) Others Q6. Do you allocate time for leisure activities?

a) Yes b) No Q7. Are you suffering depression? a) Yes b) No c) Sometimes Q8. Are you confident of coming out of stressful situations? a) Yes b) No c) May be Q9. What techniques do you use to come out of stress? a) Yoga or Exercise b) Meditation c) Pursue hobbies and interests d) Positive thinking e) Others If Others, please specify _____________ Q10. Are you friends supportive and helpful during stressful times? a) Yes b) No Q11: Do you feel you suffer stress in your life? ____________________________ Q12: Can you provide some of the symptoms of stress? __________________________ Q13: How often do you have peaceful sleep? a) Rarely b) Sometimes c) Mostly d) Almost everyday Q14: Are you suffering a financial problem? a) Yes b) No Q15: Do you have a good work-life/study-life balance? a) Yes b) No Q16: Do you enjoy your time at work and at home or maybe U? a) Mostly yes b) Rarely yes c) Never Q17: What steps do you take to relieve yourself of stressful situations? ____________________

Q18: Do you get the support of family, friends, and colleagues while suffering stress? a) b) a) b) c) d) a) Yes No Yes No Sometimes Rarely Yes

Q19: Are you getting into substances like alcohol, drugs or smoking for mitigating stress?

Q20: Are you taking a healthy diet? b) No Q21: Are you suffering from excessive work load? a) Yes b) No Tambah soalan lagi lau nak