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Whats inside?

Justice Ingenuity & Initiative Good Character: What is it? Why law enforcement requires extreme Good Character. Tenacity Fortitude Integrity Valor Civility

Honorable in words, actions and deeds.

J ust i c e
Fair, impartial, giving a deserved response. The courage to stand for the truth, against any odds. Honorable in all our words, actions and deeds.

initiate solutions independently.

I n genuit y & In i t i at i v e
Inventive skill or imagination with ability to begin or to follow through energetically with a plan or task The ability to initiate solutions independently.

Diligence required.

Te nac i t y
The acquired habit of expending considerable energy in the steady pursuit of some goal, diligence is required wherever excellence is sought.

A quality of spirit...

For t i t ude
A quality of spirit that enables you to face danger of pain without showing fear.

words, actions and deeds

Int e gr i t y
To be truthful in ones words, actions and deeds. Accept responsibility or account for one's actions.

support of one's convictions.

V al or
The courage to take actions in support of one's convictions.

Your turn.

C iv i li t y
Treating people with due dignity. Polite, respectful or considerate behavior mindful of other people.