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Varun M Deshpande

Does it remind you of
The Great Bath
What are we taught in
Indus Valley Civilization dates back to 2500
Dravidians inhabited the area at first
Aryans(Semi-Nomadic people) came
They spoke Sanskrit
They drived away Dravidians towards south
They inhabited Indus Valley hence forth
Who are these ARYANS
“Arya” means “learned”/”respected” person
It does not reflect any RACE
Scholorly people were referred as ARYA
Through out the 4 Vedas the word “ARYA” has
been encountered only about 60 times
Each time it has been used to mean
“respected person”
Why the Concept of Aryan

Max Muller
Max Muller
Max Muller (1823-1900) German philologist
and Orientalist
desperate to bring Christianity into India so
that the religion of the Hindus should be
specially employed (in 1847) to write the
translations of the Vedas in such a demeaning
way so that the Hindus should lose faith in
Highly paid(4 pounds per PAGE!)
In a letter to his Wife
"It took only 200 years for us to
Christianise the whole of Africa,
but even after 400 years India
eludes us, I have come to realize
that it is Sanskrit which has
enabled India to do so. And to
break it I have decided to learn
To the Dean of St. Paul's (Dr. Milman),
February 26, 1867

"I have myself the strongest

belief in the growth of
Christianity in India. There is no
country so ripe for Christianity as
India, and yet the difficulties
seem enormous."
Macauley’s Minute 1835
“..We must at present do our best
to form a class who may be
interpreters between us and the
millions whom we govern; a
class of persons, Indian in blood
and colour, but English in taste,
in opinions, in morals, and in
Hitler’s Master Race
Misused the concept …
Concept of Master Race
Which led to 2nd World War
Later the concept was rubbished
But.. It was too late !
A time must come when the Indian
mind will shake off the darkness that
has fallen upon it , cease to think or
hold opinions at second or third hand
and reassert its right to judge and
enquire in a perfect freedom into the
meaning of its own Scriptures.
Sri Aurobindo
Proof against Aryan Invasion
Evidence From Indian Tradition
Evidence From Archeology
Evidence From Astronomy
Evidence wrt Genetics
Many more…
Evidence From Indian
No Sanskrit Scripture make any reference to
an original homeland outside India.
Vedic Homeland is described as Aryavarta ,
Baratavarsha etc
Rig Veda refers to “Land of Seven Rivers” –
No reference to Conquest of Foreign Land
“A careful study of the Vedas…
reveals the fact that Vedic
culture is so redolent of Indian
Soil and of Indian Atmosphere
that the idea of Non-Indian origin
is absurd”

P T Srinivasa
“As far as I can see,there is nothing
in the hymms of the Rig Veda which
demonstrates that Vedic-speaking
populations were intrusive to the
area… Nothing implies that the Aryas
were strangers here”

Colin Renfrew,
British Archeologist
Evidence From
1921,first systematic excavation of buried city
of Harappa, on the Ravi River. (Daya Ram
Sahni, Rakhaldas Banerjee)
Time of Civilization was pushed from 4th
century BCE to 2500 BCE.
Heighest concentration of sites was later
found along dry bed of Sarasvati river east to
Indus-Saraswati Civilization
The Mighty Sarasvati
Rig Veda honurs river Sarasvati :”great
among great, mightiest of rivers”(VI.61.13)
“surpassing in majesty and might all other
“limitless unbroken flow , swift-moving with a
rapid rush and tempestuous roar”(VI.61.8)
Seems to be fed by icecaps and glaciers of
Himalayas which ended by about 10000 BCE
Logically, time of Rig Veda must be prior to
Mahabharatha also refers to Sarsavati river
“disappeared into desert” and even “lost”
Evidences of “abrupt climatic condition” (may
be prolonged drought) during about 2200-
1900 BCE are available in the Sarasvati river
Theory says Aryans Invaded around 1500 BCE
Why would they colonize in a Dried up river
Why would they call a dried up river as what
Rig Veda refers to…
Re-Discovery of Sarasvati deals a death blow
to invasion theory.
Satellite Picture
of Sarasvati river
In the east , the ancient Sarasvati
river ran parallel to the Indus….
Towards the end of the Indus Valley
Civilization,the ancient Sarasvati had
totally dried up…. Many episodes of
Rig Veda take place along the sacred

Other proof
“There was neither an Aryan race nor a
Dravidian race.The concept of ‘race’ itself is a
myth” – S P Gupta(Archeologist)
Studies confirm that there is no trace of
material remains of Dravidian(south Indian)
people in Harappan Civilization
This disproves that Dravidians were the
original inhabitants of Harappa (or Mohenjo-
Astronomical proof
Many references can be found in our
Scriptures as Astronomy was/is one our prime
Rig Veda referred to Sun being in the
Constellation “Mriga”(Orion) around 4500 BCE
Sun being in constellation “Krittika”(Pleiades)
around 2500 BCE
there is a reference in Krishna Yajur Veda of a
Solscites around 8500 BCE (which make Rig
Veda even more ancient)
ENGLAND, September 30,
One of the most controversial ideas about
Hindu history is the Aryan invasion theory.
This theory, originally devised by F. Max
Muller in 1848, traces the history of Hinduism
to the invasion of India's indigenous people by
lighter skinned Aryans around 1500 BCE. The
theory was reinforced by other research over
the next 120 years, and became the accepted
history of Hinduism, not only in the West but
in India. There is now ample evidence to show
that Muller, and those who followed him, were
Aryan Invasion Theory is a Hoax
It is done to misguide us & to brain wash
Aryan theory is baseless
There is no RACE called Aryans
Aryans went to many corners of the world to
spread their knowledge
There was no conflict between Aryans and
Infact,South India is the store house of Vedic
Time to wake