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Talk about something you and your family enjoy doing together.

Describe it and e xplain why you all enjoy it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Something that I enjoy with my family is watching Television shows. We prefer to watch live telecast of games and sports mainly Cricket and Tennis. In addition we prefer Laughter Shows that is a very good amusement after the day s monotonous an d tiring jobs. Also TV is a means of mass communication. It is a mode of informa tion and entertainment too. So we get latest information through TV and can keep pace with the time. Besides there are many exclusive business channels that giv e minute-by-minute information on Stock Markets & the Business World. Educationa l, Training & Developmental programs aired on TV. These are pretty beneficial fo r the community and especially students. Many awareness programs on Health & Env ironment play very important role in our lives. Hence I prefer and enjoy watchin g TV Programs with my family.