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Bryan Park fA free mp5 CO with all of the entry words and example sentences recorded on it is attached. HOLLYM International Corp. SOTONG VE Ne) showing t same patter as the entr word FALE AWL? FALE ALU? SLi? |= -FASLIMS ULM? 3, 30 Conjugations by FAL tense, speech FAG, FEU levels, and mood AIM, SLi I : Informal Low = Il: Informal High Ill: Formal Low IV: Formal High ® _ Si Related words pone Humbi Sentence patterns © Sample sentences Gt 4 EAIMOLP Can T have a glass of water? E23 180" Easy -Binding Pr e Salt Guide to Conjugation 500 Basic Korean Verbs ACH ie 13 oan aAaS-) Sch 1, 7H} - ACH 2, 7} 2] t+ ACH wrskc}(PH#-) Sich 3. 7FeI 7} AICt Act 4, TLAV7 CE 7k ict 5. 7A 2} JIC attr 6, 7hAlE Ac} Act ofc Act = beh JIC ; 9, Zr}! Cc} ACh 10, Ace ‘Sct Act 1, ZARSHE}( GB) SHE Jick Contents