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CONCEPT OF MARKETING CHANNEL The channel of distribution may be defined as the pathway for the flow of ownership and

possession of goods and services. It is a system of intermediaries who from mutually beneficial coalitions with the manufacturer to ensure that the products and services become available at the point of consumption.

According to William Stanton Cannel distribution or trade Cannel for a product is the route taken by the title of the goods as they come from the producer to the ultimate consumer or industrial use.

Definition of Distribution Channel :1) Philip Kotler:Every producer seeks to link together the set of marketing intermediaries that fulfilled the objectives this set of marketing intermediaries is called the Marketing channel of Distribution . 2) William j. Stanton :A channel of distribution (sometime called a trade channel) for product is the route taken by the title to goods as they move from the producer to the altimeter consumer or industrial users. 3) Richard Buskrir :-

distribution channels are system of economic institutions through which a producer of goods delivers them into the hand of there users.