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The Human Rights House Network protects, strengthens and

supports human rights organizations locally and unites them in an
international network of Human Rights Houses. The Human Rights House
Foundation is the Networks secretariat. It coordinates four joint programs;
networking and capacity building, institution building, lobbying and
advocacy and fundraising.



Implemented in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia

and Russia in 2009-2011
Provides online training and electronic
communication channels to 108 lawyers
Creates a network of lawyers, experts and
human rights defenders in 11 countries

The project is part of the Human Rights House Networks

capacity building program International Law in Advocacy
aimed to increase the knowledge and skills of lawyers in
international human rights protection. For more info see

Initiators defining the framework of the project, Vilnius, June 2007. From the left; Danuta Przywara,
President of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in Poland, Ane Tusvik Bonde, Regional
manager at the HRHF, Liudmila Ulyashyna, Manager of International Law in Advocacy and
Liubov Vinogradova, Executive Director of the Independent Psychiatric Association of Russia.

The project aims to raise awareness about human rights and to

ensure the application of international human rights standards
locally by facilitating online human rights training for lawyers.
A multinational team composed of 4 regional coordinators, 15
international and national experts, 7 managers and a steering
committee, is responsible for the following:
Online training that gives the participants access to study
material, consultations with experts and evaluations of their
home assignments. The participants also present legal
essays and communications to the United Nations Human
Rights Committee and the European Court of Human Rights
Regional seminars held in each of the four countries
Two international conferences held in Vilnius to give
selected lawyers advanced training and to create a strong
professional network
Development of an online library with a collection of
international instruments, analytical materials and relevant
cases http://elibrary.humanrightshouse.org/
Interactive cross-border forum for lawyers, human rights
defenders and experts
Follow-up activities in the respective countries to encourage
the participants to apply international human rights law in
their daily practice
The 2-stage online training consists of courses in:
Human rights development; history, philosophy, directions
Human rights law; general principles, concepts and
Human rights standards within national legal systems
Constitutional human rights protection
Human rights and the international humanitarian law
The United Nations system of human rights protection

The human rights protection system under the European

Convention on Human Rights
Strategic litigation; compensation granted by the international quasi-judicial bodies to the victims of the violations
Prohibition of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment;
right to liberty and security
Right to fair trial
Freedom of expression, freedom of association, prohibition
of discrimination, right to private property

Project partners:
Human Rights House Foundation (HRH Oslo), Norway
European Humanities University, Lithuania
Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (HRH Warsaw),
Belarusian Human Rights House in exile in Vilnius, Lithuania
Russian Research Centre for Human Rights (HRH Moscow),
Delegation of the Union of Soldiers Mothers Committee on
Murmansk region and North Fleet
Human Rights House Baku, Azerbaijan
Legal Education Society, Azerbaijan
Human Rights Center (HRH Tbilisi), Georgia
Associated partners:
Human Rights Monitoring Institute, Lithuania
The Council of Europe Office in Azerbaijan
Information Office of the Council of Europe, Lithuania
Irish Society for International Law, Ireland
Donors and supporters:
Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Nordic Council of Ministers
The German Marshall Fund of the United States
Embassy of the Netherlands in Warsaw
The organizers welcome content-related and financial
contributions to the project.

The Human Rights House Foundation (HRHF)

Kirkegata 5, 0153 Oslo, Norway
Tel: +47 22 47 92 47 / Fax: +47 22 47 92 01

For the International Law in Advocacy program:



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