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Ok my friend .

before going my speak lets us give thanks to our GOD ALLAH SWT who has much murcil until we can meet together in this beautiful place. And than forget praying and greeting to our prophet Muhammad SAW. Because he has been givi us from the darknees to the lightnees, from many people drive by camel to drive by Toyota cars. ok my friend. Iam standing here I want to speak infront of you All by the chapter. HEALTH MIND KIND HEALTH BODY In this chapter tell that if we have our body health we can easy to think anythings as theres not problem in our life so we can enjoy to do anythings, but if our body still sick so we cant do any thing and theres not spirit for life . In aphorism say : AL AQLUS SALIM FIL JISMI SALIM So in this moment I will ask you all to understand whats the mean from this chapter so that we can try in our life for save our health because health is very expensive. in this topic also teach us to can be save cleanness because the cleanness is partly from faith (iman) and Rosulullah say annadhofatu minal iman .. from this study we can substract node that healt and cleanness , healt mind and healt body always side by side , so we must to keep it.

And here I want to notice from this chapter to me and to you all that we must have positive thingking , positive emotion , positive action, so we will get a positive yield / success. ok my be just this from me, sorry for many wrong in my speak finaly say. wasalam.wr.wb.