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7) MACHINIST DRAWINGS FOR SUB-MACHINEGUN FRAMES MAC-10 (.45 & 9mm.) MAC-11 (.380) COBRAY M11/9 (9mm.) COBRAY M12 (.380) ALL NFA RULES APPLY--CONTACT BATF FOR CURRENT RULES AND REGULATIONS! FOR CLASS II MANUFACTURES ONLY. The author of this material, A-W , accepts no liability for any damages (legal, property or personal injury) done by an individual or Class IT manufacturer, resulting from the completion and/or use of said device. contact BATF for current rules and regulations before attempting to build said device ! AN INDIVIDUAL UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE MAY CONSTRUCT ANY OPEN- BOLT SEMI OR FULL-AUTO!!!!!!! woad Stattieer) | THEI vs IVE “Buv7ghaL ; —_—__———_ ] cam asooat or Bhvys Ol Noisaan Mums /o1-m ee W STOCK CARRIER m-10/ BOTH SEAR GuIDE PIN y | sos 7 tt Yo a * M10 MU 4 Betrem f bo exp view TOR/ BOTH MI0/ p44 ¢ y WA stcrion Ya L pa b—%—4 -$—1h—4 ar | vie 7 1 yy, SIDE pt HE whit Kh —— hi WELD PIN END To INSTALL IN FRAME I oe seat cute (00.8) WELO To FRAME. WELD To Freiae. ON, BoTH Swes, PISTOL GRIP MouNT STUD WELO To HOLE Ik MAGAZINE Housina| SIDE Ne ENO Es Eich i Ue Ye 32 |, MAG. Housing (SAME For AL Movers) oe yaad WET (Sep OW AION AE DelseeH ANN Comb) OW SO C= 7A] YR ALON | separ ul sjranaansoo} (IY $00" 3, Suoiswow'g [ly AON | Anos amvat b/llw SHIT sais Bovonl PaLvTd LHOIS wyay ysel a are ene Sb] | se" 1D Cb) wa 904° Ta Se- oto} i Boe 7 ft 897 . hat area sae tI seho[ el see ae so abe tte Abd JPRS FT L_ sam duva as] Sapm sven pre “bh + SP -OIW SH aid © LHOmpY dairy Cm SY My OM C2 10d 1427239 TURLAT sav ML + Sh OM oH 2S ek 0. re 1.1 oe Z + Se 5% M-10 / $F ACE MAGAZINE HOUSING oa AT i rn ba as F —) Use MOC Imm) KNOT! BP COG RN Due deat whe opbese 48 fn MM _ MAGAZIWE HousiInG 1 MAG OPENING, TRIGGER SLO: FOR Sm 3.770 Cerreennes 2.106 CALL_OTHER SPECS ARE THE SAME) Sopp wi qrarsensvaw 11 7,500 5 SHASMOMIG I SDIHL 9401/4 5Y9 T] - ACG SWVUS Ol sus v0 203 a0n)) user CT 3 7a, | aed ny aepbay vt Bie gy vemos 5) ee wh On nn TE eel, © Smaak Sa Coca an saais“r04 CHD “aaa doy oy Of ‘ eth cateeaks bom STN aol” ob FL” aris. Vi $7 ME Zid ¥ aLON sma b/w + Ww alloy ONISMHH No 1s3y SOLS INIA EC YOLISTSS ONT Buys 40 BPA Ge SLM simrd - reBury Sepvive 61 bi Co 1h bona aamtag «vowed KWo M-I| MAGAZINE Hou SING- M-ll TRIGGER GuARD 4 13 mi/4 ASSEWBLY is eo M\|- TRIGGER GUARD PATTERN mi BoTTOM VIBW) OF HOUSING BACK FORMING DIE. FoR MAGAZINE OPENING To FoR MAGAZINE. HousING/ NOT. caret TABS NEED FoR Block To Form FRAME DIES MAGAZINE CATCtt CRENING / SCREW. TO “TeP’oF MALEOIE. WIDE, SRN Haes_ GUIDE PIN GUIDE PIN FEMALE. DIE cur our BODY BLANK. eae "085 -( TRIGGER GUARD/ FEED RAME hE SING Compe TED LOwER FRAME. (H-»/9 suown) BoLT/WELD, RIVET OR SCREW SIDES ‘To BASE! SIDE Jepe/ Phocrepuee. 1s AITICAL -— SPACER/GoTTOM ne mace LI 7] i Sly _awyas zim > 1m UT Ul S]yomBunsve}y (IV wea MOIHL #L0'/39¥9 41 Goud) AOS IVY IW sais JoVohl [RLvid LHOIS wad 8389, hoo" ¥ vio orl sassjay diag Lae sb tbe te: MIO _ SUBMACHINE GUN ILLUSTRATED PARTS LIST dOV SP-0LW OVW COBRAY M11/9mm Semi-Auto Pistol