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AIM: To allow two or more users to communicate remotely with hand drawn sketches ABSTRACT: Tele-Graffiti is a new invention in the field of Communication system. It is a remote sketching system based on camera-projector. Systems combining video cameras and LCD projectors are becoming more and more prevalent now-a-days. A person writing at one site is captured using a video camera, transmitted to the other site. and displayed there using anLCD projector.this is t h e w a y w e c a n u s e t h i s Communication system. Such a system has a variety of applications in Teleconferencing and Remote education. It also has a potential application in human-computer interaction, using the paper as a combined display and input device.The advantage of our system over other intelligent desktops and white-boards is that the users are free to move the p i e c e s o f p a p e r o n w h i c h t h e y a r e w r i t i n g . a d v a n t a g e o f t h i s s y s t e m i s t h a t n o n c o mp u t e r p e o p l e c a n u s e i t .

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