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Product Description

Metalworking Metalworking Specialties

LUBRIZOL5941S is a multifunctional oil-soluble additive package for formulating premium quench oils and heat transfer oils.

Typical Properties

Specific Gravity @ 15.6C Weight/Gallon (lb) @ 15.6C Viscosity (cSt) @ 100C Flash Point (C) (PMCC) Base Number Color (ASTM D-1500) 0.96 8.00 100 180 37 6.5

Suggested Formulations
(% wt) (%vol) Minimum 2.00 1.80 Maximum 6.00 5.40

Chemical Characteristics
Calcium Sulfur Nitrogen Sodium Mineral Oil Typical (% wt) Minimum (% wt) Maximum (% wt) 1.23 1.13 1.33 1.10 0.27 0.22 0.32 0.82 0.69 0.99 46.0

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Good oxidation stability Good heat transfer characteristics Low deposit formation as determined by the Panel Coker Test Excellent GM Quenchometer (ASTM D-3520) performance


LUBRIZOL5941Sis recommended for use in HVI base oils to formulate premium quench oils and heat transfer fluids. Fluids formulated with LUBRIZOL5941S provide low deposit formation and good oxidation stability. For marquench, consider LUBRIZOL 5357S, which provides higher thermal stability. For complete storage, handling, safety, health, personnel protection and first aid information, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) that can be ordered via your Lubrizol representative or regional officelistedonthisdatasheet.ProductDataSheetsandMSDSs are also available online to registered users at www.mylubrizol.com.

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