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Sweet Potato Pie by Eugenia Collier

C. Sanders English Presentation

Independent Activity

Think and then answer the following questions:

What is success and how is it defined in todays society? What are symbols that are associated with success?
Be prepared to share your answers.

My Response (Model)

Success is achieving a desired goal or objective despite obstacles and challenges. There is peace in knowing that hardwork and dedication produces fruitfulness that can come in several forms. In todays society, success is measured by how much money you have and how well you spend it; however, my symbols of success vary. Prosperity is important, but it does not always have to be money. People can be spiritually prosperous, academically prosperous, emotionally prosperous or rich. In todays society, symbols of success are cars, big homes, jets, and diamonds.

Sweet Potato Pie

A sharecropper is a person who enters an agreement with a land owner to farm the land and then pay a portion (share) of the produce as rent. This payment was in excess and kept the sharecroppers from owning their own land and providing sufficiently for their families.

Pictures of Sharecroppers

Literary Device within Sweet Potato Pie

Flashback- an account of something that took place before the beginning of a story; provides information about events and people in the past Pinpoint tense changes in the writing to be able to keep track of the past and present events.


Theme is the central message or idea within the text the big picture. Theme is always inferred and never stated. Theme comes from the narrators thoughts and characters dialogue it will give you insight to what the characters are learning throughout the text.

Story Map

Setting: Where? When? What time period? Main Character? Minor Characters? Problem/ Conflict with the main character? How does the character handle the conflict? Sequential Events of the Story? Outcome?

Homework- Poetry Assignment

Write a poem describing a family scene that is vivid in your mind. Use details and invent visuals that will allow the reader to establish the tone of your poem. Homework: Page 252

Questions 3 and 7

Paired Activity
Create a character analysis chart. Your chart should include:

The character How the character looks What the character thinks, says, and does How others respond to the character What the narrator says about the character

Work with your group and analyze your assigned character.

Whole Class Discussion

Why do you think the narrator feels that it is important to describe the siblings upbringing? If you were Charley, how would you feel about your life compared to Buddys? Why? What were the successes in both Charleys and Buddys life?