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Megan Harrop

Professional Growth Plan

Goal(s)/Objective(s): To better my knowledge of the teaching profession in order to gain experience with different teaching techniques that will best meet the needs of my students. To apply my teaching strategies in such a way that I am ensuring that my students are learning to the best of their abilities through their various learning styles. To continue to learn different styles and strategies of teaching in an inclusive classroom in order to meet the needs of all students, including those with exceptionalities. To further build my knowledge of various multimodal forms of literacy, and forms of teaching to incorporate in the classroom in order to fully engage all students, regardless of their varying learning styles. To incorporate very culturally diverse lessons and strategies in order to benefit all students of different cultures, and to put an emphasis on the importance of each students cultural background. Learn behaviours strategies for classroom management purposes. Outcomes/Results: When I have reached my goals, I will have a variety of different teaching techniques that make up my particular style in order to best meet the needs of my students. My classroom will be an inclusive classroom that continually works to make sure that each student is learning to their full potential, and to help ensure everyones needs are met; various forms of multimodalities will be used to keep students engaged, interested, and ontask. As well, I will be able to properly manage the behaviours of my students in order to keep order and positivity in the classroom. As a result of my goals and objectives, I will be a more knowledgeable teaching with very versatile teaching strategies, and my students learning needs will benefit from the various teaching styles that I implement in the

Megan Harrop classroom: such styles that benefit each individual regardless of any exceptionalities or cultural differences. Action Plan/Strategies: I will focus on multimodal forms of literacy throughout various activities to achieve my goals. I will incorporate digital technologies (which are very beneficial to those students with learning disabilities), as well as activities using texts or artefacts focused on different cultures, and the use of different visual tools and hands-on activities to keep the classroom constantly engaged. I will work toward achieving my desired outcomes by continually researching different classroom teaching strategies and lessons that incorporate the multimodalities and culturally diverse tools that I wish to have in my classroom. I will also continually work to discover useful and efficient behavioural strategies within the classroom to best benefit my community of learners. Timelines: I would like to learn the successfulness of different behavioural strategies within the first few weeks of being in the classroom, in order to set the standards for the way I will manage my classroom to best benefit the learning of all students. In terms of the various teaching strategies I wish to use to benefit all students including those with exceptionalities, as well as those who are culturally diverse, there is no specific time that this will be achieved, because it will be an ongoing learning process for me as I continually learn and incorporate different activities and tools. Indicators of Success: I will know when I have successfully met my goals when I am able to manage the behaviour of my students without having to think twice about it, and when all of my students are engaged and learning due to the various modalities and culturally diverse resources that I have incorporated into the lessons and the classroom.

Megan Harrop I will collect evidence of my professional growth by viewing my students work, and establishing whether or not they have learned anything about various cultures, and by recognizing their creativity through various modalities. I will also gain students feedback on the activities that we do and the lessons that I teach. Essentially, if they are engaged and learning to their full potential, I have met my goals. Assistance/Support: I will look to my fellow teachers, who have more experience, in order to gain tips and insights as to what works well in the classroom. I will look at the Alberta Teachers Association (ATA) Website to gain ideas I will continually remind myself of the goals and strategies of the particular school that I am working in. These various resources and forms of assistance will help me in my program planning, and give me thoughts and ideas as to what will be useful in the classroom in order to fully benefit inclusion, cultural diversity, and my own classroom management style.