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Agripa, Neribeth Charm Arnaiz, Jhon Ralf Magbata, Neca Panahon, Leinette Total quality management Case Analysis:

Nordam Europe, Ltd. I. Main Problem Age discrimination in recruiting employees within the human resource department in companies. II. Secondary Problem Nordam Europes Head of support services had been voluntarily separated from his previous job after 30 years, in the automotive industry, where he worked primarily in finance, administration and operational areas. He sought alternative work in those areas. He circulated his resume to numerous companies but was concerned that his age (50) would count against him. III. Objective To avoid the use of direct and indirect reference to age or other bias in recruiting and ensuring that there are no age-related or other discriminatory descriptions.


SWOT Analysis Strengths Acknowledged leader in aircraft component manufacturing and repair with facilities on three continents. Strong, though brief history of adaptation and practice of equal opportunity in its hiring and HR practices Is heavily dependent on a high level of safety, quality, and working to precise standards in order to maintain aircraft jet engine nacelles and thrust reverses. Weaknesses Incapacity of the company to maintain its employees. Insufficient incentives given to redundant employees. Opportunities Technological advancements in improving fast workforce. Increasing number of customers under the aircraft engine services. Threats Growing number of competitors in the industry. High cost for the raw materials/sup plies.


Alternative course of action Eliminating age discrimination in selecting and recruiting employees. Providing incentives to employees. Offering fair and sufficient salaries. Motivation through the use of recognition.


Decision criteria basis Base on the following facts, the problem should be submitted upon the Human resource department. Human resource managers should implement policies that will eliminate age discrimination. Age discrimination basically narrows down the employees who have such capability and someone who has so much to offer for the company.


Recommended implementations The companys selection process should be further implemented to promote unbiased employee age recruitment. The following is a brief summary of the companys selection process. 1. Applicants resumes are received. 2. Screening of applicants is performed by departmental manager and a personal officer to develop a short list of those they would like to interview. 3. The short-listed applicants are invited for an interview with the departmental manager and personal officer. In order for companies to eliminate such discrimination, an employee should be judged based on his capability, knowledge, eagerness and passion. Companies should be aware of the fact that recruiting someone with such age can serve as strength in the company. Such employees can offer experiences and knowledge in the industry compared to those younger. An example would be Nordam Europes head of support services that has 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. He circulated his resume in different companies, however due to his age (50) he found it difficult to find a

new job. Fortunately, he was asked to visit Nordam Europe for an informal chat and was later given a temporary job in the production-engineering department. Because of his previous experience and administrative skills, Nordam recognized his skills and offered him a permanent position in the company. Next step would be enhancing the companys incentives towards the employees. Job satisfaction is important in maintaining an employees performance, thus giving incentives will further serve as a motivation. Recognition is also a good way to motivate employees in their job. Loyalty and servitude is one of the factors in giving credit to employees.