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Microcontroller & Applications

Syed Muhammad Haseeb Ahmed

Introduction to Micro Controller

The Basic Computer

Memory Hierarchy

The Processor

8086 up

In side the Processor

The Microcontroller
Programmable Chip Same idea as PC, but on much smaller scale

The Microcontroller

Block Diagram of MC51

Micro Processor/ Controller Architecture


Memory Measurement
1bit= 0 or 1 1 byte = 8 bits 1024bytes =1 kilo byte (K.B) 1024 K.B =1 Mega byte (M.B) 1024 M.B =1 Gaga byte (G.B) 1024 G.B =1 Tear byte (T.B) 1024 T.B = 1 Penta Byte(P.T)

Memory Meangment
Bank 0 to Bank 3 Registers Bit Addressable Register General Purpose Registers

Special purpose Registers