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Welcome to Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands Travel Guide

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Little Facts about Cameron Highlands Malaysia!

One of the wonders of Malaysia, producer of flowers in Malaysia; be
Cameron Highlands is the perfect, cool prepared for a lovely sight of
mountain hideaway distance from all extraordinary flowers you won’t see
the frantic rush of city life. Being a flourishing elsewhere in Malaysia! Drive
primarily agricultural domain, you will up as high as 1500 meters above sea-
find an abundance of vegetables and level to get here and enjoy
fruits farm in this highland paradise. temperatures as low as 16c year-round.
Also, Cameron Highlands is a leading

Main Townships
Cameron Highlands is made up of 3 main the main town in the highlands, Tanah
townships at different elevations. The Rata is well-served by a range of
first town you’ll see coming from the accommodation, eateries, shops, post
south is Ringlet, followed by Tanah Rata office, money-changers, banks,
and Brinchang. Bertam Valley, Kea hospital, clinics, travel agencies, tourist
Farm, Tringkap, Kuala Terla and information centre, a scenic public
Kampung Raja are the other smaller garden, golf-course, a bus station and
settlements located in the highlands. taxi stands. The weather is nice to
explore around the place. The town is
RINGLET - This is the first town you’ll
also a popular stop for tourist because
reach if you are driving up from Tapah
there are various jungle tracks and
way. At an elevation of about 1,200
waterfall trails begin here.
meters above sea-level, the climate
here is not particularly cool, as opposed BRINCHANG – Brinchang is about 10
to higher elevation towns like Tanah minutes drive or 3km from Tanah Rata.
Rata or Brinchang. Ringlet is one of the This is where you will find most of
main agricultural hubs in the highlands. smaller hotels and food outlets .One of
the attraction in this town is the night
TANAH RATA – This is the major town
market, “pasar malam”, is located
located in this magical Highlands. This
town is also the administrative hub of
Cameron Highlands where the most of
government offices are located. Being
Places of Interests


Beautiful tea estate located 6km Recently opened by BOH Plantations
along a winding road past vegetable at Sungai Palas tea garden.
farms. Visitors can view the factory
and relax with a cup of Boh Tea at
the tea shop.


ROSE GARDENS – There are 3 many few strawberry farms in this
beautiful rose garden in Cameron. highland. The few farms along the
You can visit them at i) Rose Centre main road between Kea Farm and
in Kea Farm ii) Robertson Rose Tanah Rata are: i) Healthy
Garden in Sungai Palas and iii) Rose Strawberry Farm ii) Kasimanis
Valley in Tringkap. Strawberry Farm iii) Kok Lim
Strawberry Farm iv) Raju’s Hill
Strawberry Farm

BUTTERFLY FARMS – There are two

HONEY BEE FARMS – There are two
butterfly centres along main road of
honey bee farms in Cameron
Kea Farm. Both centres have variety
Highlands. Both have beautiful
of butterflies and insects
landscaped gardens.
Places of Interests

TIME TUNNEL – Experience the rustic

CACTUS FARMS – You can find charm of a unique gallery that
hundreds of cacti and plants at the captures the spirit of the bygone
Cactus Valley in Brinchang and the eras of Malaysian life. View a
Cactus Point along the main road treasure trove of heartwarming
from Brinchang to Kea Farm artifacts that depict life as it was
lived then. Behold rare, nostalgic
photographs revealing history of
Cameron. Truly, a journey back in
time not to be missed!

DAY MARKET – There are many day

markets in along the main road
between Ringlet and Kampung Raja.
Tourist can find variety of
vegetables and be fascinated by
colorful-painted flowers.
NIGHT MARKET – Night Market or
locally called as “Pasar Malam” is an
interesting sights in Cameron
Highlands. One of the popular Pasar
Malam venue is located right in
front of the Brinchang Police
Station. In this place, you can find
all the local delicacies. Mostly open
on Fridays, Weekends and holidays.


Falls are located in Tanah Rata. You
can walk a number of jungle trails
and one of them, no 9, leading in a
short walk to this attractive
Cameron Highlands Map
Getting to Cameron Highlands via Simpang Pulai Route
Brinchang Town Map

Tanah Rata Town

Strawberry Farms Location Map

Kea Farm Location Map

Tea Plantations Location Map