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The Neurotic Chair

Characters Freddy/Nervous chair. Bob- friendly chair/ Abandoned. Starting in a furniture shop the chair is minding his business and a man comes in as he wants to buy a chair. The chair is nervous and frightened and starts to run around the shop. The owner of the shop is shocked and faints. But the buyer is not and wants to still buy it. (Madness) The chair Freddy runs and approaches the glass door opens it with force. Then an abandoned chair near a bin says why you so nervous. Trys to calm Freddy down. Freddy replies Im being bought in that furniture shop Bob says lets run I know of a place, its a warehouse down the block. Both run down the road, reaching the warehouse. At that moment Freddy is less nervous and stays with Bob at the warehouse. As Freddy is a changed character once with Bob. They become close friends. (Screen Fades) End