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htc mobile.

Presented by Pranjil Agrawal Muneeb Sheikh Bhaskar Mishra Vikrant Naik Navdeep Sharma

HTC Corporation.
Type Public

Founded Industry

1997 Telecommunication

Area Served (market) CEO Revenue Website

Smartphones and Tablets

Worldwide Peter Chou $11.95 billion (2011) www.HTC.com

Mobile Market in India.

Indian mobile industry is the fastest growing in the world Monthly Cell phone Addition: 7.79 million (Oct 2011) An estimated 881.40 million mobile phone users in India Nokia remained the top player in handset market in FY10-11 Revenues of the Indian mobile handset market grew by 15 per cent to touch Rs 33,171cr in 2010-11 Indian mobile market is expected to touch $63 billion revenue 2014 The industrys growth will be largely driven by Smartphones (source: voice & data journal-telecom industry)

Mobile Handset Market Share.

Segmentation (STP).
Age group 24-45 Developed and Developing counties Educated Upper middle class; office goers

Target Audience (STP).

Smartphone users
Android Windows mobile 7 Touch Screen users Technologically inclined users

Positioning (STP).
Position products to High innovation and High functionality MultiMedia phones catered to higher resolution Business phones catered to email functionalities, productivity tools, and Networking connections

4 Ps of Marketing.
Innovation Performance Aesthetic look Build Quality HTC smart software PDA & smartphones Customizable

4 Ps of Marketing.
Skimming Pricing Product line pricing

4 Ps of Marketing.
Currently more concentrated in America followed by Europe and Asia
Retail outlets

4 Ps of Marketing.
Promoted through retailers and service providers Mass promotion through internet

Specialized periodicals
ATL:BTL ratio- 80:20

PESTEL analysis.

Political factors
Dependent on the Telecom Industry The governments conservative measures may inhibit 3G and other licensing processes If migration were made easier, it would add pressure on operators to retain existing customers

PESTEL analysis.
Economic factors
Economic downturn in 2008
The level of inflation Employment level per capita The global economic slowdown and rising costs could slow growth

PESTEL analysis.
Social factors
Smartphones are Fashion identity Symbol of status Networking

PESTEL analysis.
Technological factors
In this industry, innovation is the key for differentiation Patent of technology thereby creating barriers to entry Technology is vital for competitive advantage, and is a major driver of globalization

PESTEL analysis.
Legal factors
Restriction on certain product usage creating obstacles for market growth Patent issues

Environmental factors
Dumping of old mobile handset

Porters 5 Forces (Competitors Analysis).

Bargaining power of Customers
Retailers Service Providers End-users

Threats of New Entrants

Economies of Scale Capital Requirements Differentiation Access to distribution

Bargaining power of Suppliers

Intellectual Property Quick Switch between Suppliers

Competitive rivalry within industry

Existing Competitors Brand Development Innovation

Threats of Substitute Products

PDA Tablets Mobile Phones


PRODUCT Make Sleek and lighter phones Modify their OS Provide colour options Improve Battery Life & Packaging

PRICING & PLACE Skimming strategy for the smart phone category Increase their distribution reach to tier 2 cities More tie-ups with local dealers Website as a mode of making purchases.

PROMOTION Brand Ambassador Need of the Hour Create Hype Launch an Advertisement campaign targeting the Youth Make effective use of social media

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