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Segmentation for FMCG

Segmentation involves dividing the market into various group of customers who desire similar value propositions from a product. The aim of segmentation is to serve customers more effectively and efficiently.

Bases for segmentation


a. Region b. City c. Rural and semi urban areas


a. Age b. Family size c. Gender d. Income f. Occupation g. Education


a. Life style b. Personality


a. Occasions b. Benefits c. Usage rate d. Attitude toward product

What is FMCG ?
FMCG refers to consumer non-durable goods required for daily or frequent use. Typically, a consumer buys these goods at least once a month

FMCG Products

Toilet soaps
Toothpaste Shampoos Creams Powders Food products Confectioneries Beverages Cigarettes

Typical Characteristics of FMCG products

Individual products are of small value. But, all FMCG

products put together account for a significant part of the consumers budget Many of these products are perishable The consumer spends little time on the purchase decision. Brand loyalties or recommendations of reliable retailer / dealer drive purchase decision Trial of a new product i.e brand switching is often induced by heavy advertisement, recommendations of the retailers

Hair Care Category in India

There are 5 main products

Hair Oil
Shampoo Styling products

Herbal Remedies
Hair Dyes / colors

Hair Shampoos and Conditioners are targeted at

Upper middle class

Now, also middle class and house

wives Upper class rural consumers Teenagers - they are the major segment

Shampoo market is segmented on benefit


Cosmetic ( shine, health, strength ) Anti - Dandruff


Urban areas - 90 %, accounting for 80 % of

shampoo sold in the country Rural areas - 80 %, accounting for 20 % of shampoo sold in the country All India Shampoo - 14 % Urban - 40 % Rural - 10 %

Evolution of Shampoo in India

HLL undisputed leader from the early 90s Sunsilk launched in 1964 ( General Shampoo

platform ) Clinic Plus launched in 1971 ( Family, health shampoo platform ) Clinic All Clear launched in 1987 ( Therapeutic AD Shampoo ) Sunsilk re-launched in 1987 - Shampoo + Conditioner ( Beauty platform ) HLL Goes rural with Sachet Clinic Active launched in 1991

HLL Dominance
Clinic, Sunsilk, Organics and Lux and their various

brand extensions dominate the shampoo market In 1998, the company re-launched Clinic and Sunsilk brands Sunsilk was re-launched with Fruitamins. Today HLL has a 63 % market share in the shampoo market In South India, Clinic Plus and Clinic All Clear put together have a market share of about 70 %

The top Shampoo brands

Normal Shampoos
Clinic Plus Sunsilk


Herbal Shampoos
Ayush Dabur Vatika Nyle

Anti Dandruff Shampoos

Clinic All Clear Head and Shoulders Dabur Vatika AD

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