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Soak 1/4 of lemon in a glass of water overnight. Do not squeeze. Drink water in the morning and pour more in it. Drink some water throughout the day and change the piece of lemon the same night. Repeat for 7 days incase of hyperacidity. Drink coconut water as the first diet. Apply Desi ghee (clarified butter) in the navel. Warm it with a pinch of asafetida (Hing) and store it in a small bottle. Apply after every meal or before going to bed. A tablespoon of lime juice + water + pinch of soda bicarbonate 2 time a day. 2 teaspoon of honey + 1/2 lemon squeezed as first diet in morning. Eat anything 1/2 hour later. Take cardamom tea (Boil 4 cardamom in 1-1/2 glass of water & when the water is reduced to 1/2 glass then drink it. This can be taken 1 to 2 times a day. Take a glass of room temperature water. Fill the mouth with some water and rotate the water in the mouth till u feel the temperature of water has changed to a bit warm. Then throw the water out and repeat it many times till you feel the mouth filled up with sweet taste of saliva. The water takes away the excess heat of the body and activates the digestion and dilutes the acid


Apply coconut water on face (3 times) and wash off after 15 minutes. Wash face with normal tap water many times a day by keeping some water in mouth. Application of cucumber (kheera) juice/tomato juice/rose water is all good for skin. Once a day is good enough as a practice. Reduce the number of cosmetics used on facial skin and always go for herbal packs. Go herbal face wash powder/ herbal moisturizer preferably made at home. Varun Mudra can be practiced two times a day for 15 minutes each, any time of the day.


Warm table salt till it changes its color in the pan. Store it and take 4 grains of salt in 1/2 hour gap 3 times (maximum) to get immediate relief from any pain. Ease the pain with hot water bottle (muscular pain/ spasm/ cramp). Apply paste of turmeric (haldi) and mustard oil (heated) on the site (in case of swellings & inflammation). Give deep pressure to the nails of thumb and first finger to combat acute pain. (Do not practice in pregnancy and menstruation).


Soak 4 black raisins (kishmish) in water overnight and have it as first diet in morning (for 7 days). Have 3-4 black raisins (kishmish) everyday with Lukewarm milk in the evening.

Take juice of Beet root and carrot. Intake of fenugreek (methi) seeds 1/4 tea spoon with some water in night or methi leaves in the form of vegetable or soup. Intake of apple juice 1/2 hour before meals. Banana shake or raw banana. Intake of onion /soybean. Intake of black pepper (kali mirch) in some ghee many times a day with tea, warm water etc. helps in purification of blood. Juice of Spinach (palak) (3/4 glass) with fresh Apple juice (1/4 glass). Make a soup of a beet root, carrot, spinach and tomatoes.


Application of ghee in navel in clockwise direction with the right hand thumb. Intake of a teaspoon of clarified butter (Desi ghee/home made ghee/ butter) warmed with 7-8 ground black pepper as first diet for seven days. Intake of Aloe Vera gel 30 ml once a day. Apply ginger (adrak) juice / garlic (lahsun) juice/ castor oil/glycerin on the major joints like knee/elbow/ankle/ wrist. Intake of lemon juice is very good in case of joint pains. Intake of apples or apples boiled to a pulp and applied to the joints is very good in case of gout, arthritis or rheumatic pains. Application of saline oil (salt + mustard oil; kept for a few days under sun) to the site of pain by rubbing vigorously. Gargling with sesame (till) oil everyday (5 to 10 minutes) vigorously first thing in the morning empty stomach. Do not have anything for 30 minutes after it.


Burn some garlic (lahsun) cloves in castor oil. Store when cool and apply at the site of pain regularly. Perform Apana mudras and Pran Mudra in alteration of 10 minutes each thee times a day after the interval of 6 hours, regularly for 1 month.


Intake of Aloe Vera 30 ml + a pinch of turmeric (haldi) powder with Luke warm water in the morning empty stomach daily for 7 to 40 days. Intake of Aloe Vera juice/gel with honey (1 teaspoon gel + 1 teaspoon honey) + 3 drops of brandy 3 times a day 1/2 hour before meals. In take of fried black pepper (with minimum ghee on a pan) 6-7 in number 3 times a day. Rubbing glycerin on chest and upper back before bed at night Rubbing a mixture of Luke warm clarified butter (Desi ghee) with some salt vigorously over chest, upper back at night. Cover yourself properly.

Perform Ling Mudra and Apana Mudra three times a day for 10 minutes each one after the other in a sitting posture. Back to top


Apply juice of white onion for 15 minutes before head bath on the bald patch. Application of paste of Pigeon pea (Arhar dal) regularly is highly beneficial in bald patches. Massage the nails of fingers to each other for 3-4 minutes every day.


Application of ginger (adrak) or garlic (lahsun) paste on lower back, probably before going to bed. Ease the pain with hot water bottle. Intake of Aloe Vera juice (2 spoonfuls) or gel regularly with pinch of turmeric every morning the first thing. Intake of saffron (kesar) milk at night. Application of lemon grass oil in acute cases or with double amount of coconut oil in a stimulation ointment for pain. Intake of salt.


Gargle the mouth with a mixture of salt and turmeric (1:1) with pint full water every morning. Gargling with mouthful of sesame (til) oil every morning for 5 to 10 minutes. Washing the mouth with neem decoction (Put the content in water and reduce it to half as you boil it), two to three times in the morning. Intake or gargling with fenugreek (methi) tea Intake of lime water many times a day.

BITES (Insect)

Chewing mint (pudina) leaves Drinking cardamom/ fennel (sanuf) tea. Application of Tulsa (Holy Basil) paste over insect bite. In case of scorpion sting apply lemon juice over it immediately. Juice of fresh mint (pudina) when applied over insect bites helps in reducing pain and neutralizing the poison.


Gargling with sesame (til) oil everyday, the first thing in the morning for 5 minutes. ( Before brushing the teeth) Gargling with salt and turmeric (haldi) powder everyday after brushing the teeth for 1-2 minutes. Chewing fresh mint (pudina) leaves. Chewing raw onion for 3 minutes. A mixture of carrot juice and spinach (palak) juice early morning helps in curing bleeding and ulcerating gums.


Application of ghee in navel in clockwise direction daily. Mild pressure to the small flap of ears daily or ear massage. Intake of garlic in any form. Intake of apple diet exclusively in morning. Intake of alpha-alpha powder and wheatgrass powder. Intake of lots of fluids and avoid salt. Drink Aloe Vera juice 3 times a day Taking natural drinks like coconut water, butter milk, coriander (Dhaniya) juice is very beneficial.


Intake of a mixture of 1 teaspoon sugar + 1/2 lemons juice + 1/4 teaspoon salt immediately raises the energy levels. Application of ghee in navel. Intake of Chikoo, papaya, sweet lemonade, beetroot, Jaggery (gur) etc. Intake of glucose water.


Add 2- 3 drops of almond oil in pomegranate juice (Anaar) and drink once a day. Add 7 Black pepper (Kali Mirch) whole + 7 crystal sugar (Mishri) + 7 Black Raisins (Munnaka/ Kishmish) + lemon (small round limes) juice in plain water or coconut water kept overnight. Drink it first thing in the morning for at least 7 days. Add 2 teaspoon of gooseberry (amla) juice + 2 tea spoon of Honey + 2 teaspoon of lime juice + 1 cup water and drink empty stomach every morning. Intake of wood apple (bel fruit) or its pulp boiled in water reduced to half 3-4 times a day. 1 table spoon onion juice + little salt (No water after it)



Rub with ice (at first sign of redness). Use hot, wet clothes on the area to open up the blood vessels and make them came to head. Repeat many times. Apply mashed cheese over the burn. Apply finger pressure as needed on the outside of foot, about one inch from the end of the little toe. Dip the aloe juice on the burn.

BOILS (Red, swollen, painful without head)

Soak 1 teaspoon of raw rice overnight and next morning make a paste out of it and apply at over the boil and bandage properly.


Application of henna paste on foot soles or palm. Application of water guard juice (Lauki) on foot soles. Back to top


Intake of turmeric (Haldi) powder (raw) 1 teaspoon per day. Gargling the mouth many times a day and specially before meals with water. Gargle the mouth with a pinch of salt and turmeric in the morning. Gargle the mouth with sesame (til) oil. Intake of wheatgrass 1 to 4 Gms with lots of water every day. Take Aloe Vera juice with turmeric (haldi). Take as many fluids as possible and chew the food to make it fine before gulping down.


Take a piece of dry stick turmeric (sookhi haldi) and boil it in 2 cups of water and reduce to 11/2 cups. Take this water 2-3 times a day. Take it for at least 15 days. Boil the peel of 1 pomegranate (annar ka chilka) and a small piece of dry stick turmeric in 2 glass of water and reduce to 11/2 glass over simmer. Divide it into three parts Drink it every night as the last thing before sleep and store the rest in the refrigerator. Next night warm it over the burner and have it again. Repeat the process for at least 15 days. Apply Clarified butter (ghee) in the navel with the thumb right hand, massaging in clockwise direction till it is completely absorbed, after every meals. For application,

lie down on your back, fold the legs on the floor/bed, to make the abdominal organs loose and relaxed. Perform the lift breathing (see preliminary breathing exercises in the section of Pranayam) with equal ration i.e. 1:1 of inhalation: exhalation and giant wheel breathing in the same ratio fir at least 5 minutes each daily empty stomach.


Take two drops of mustard oil and mix with 2-4 drops of water. Rub between palm vigorously and apply over closed eyes every day. Instill home made rosewater in eyes.


Intake of holy basil (tulsi) juice with honey. Intake of a teaspoonful of honey with few drops ginger (adrak) twice a day. Intake of 1 teaspoon of powder (3/4 teaspoon gooseberry (Amla) powder +1/4 teaspoon dry ginger (adrak) powder) with honey to make a paste 3 times a day. Intake of big black cardamom (Moti elayachi) decoction (Put the content in water and reduce it to half as you boil it) many times a day. Mix 1 tablespoon of pepper (kali mirchi) powder with 4 teaspoon jaggery (gur). Make small pills. Suck 3-4 pills during the day. Mix a pinch of turmeric (haldi) with 1 cup milk and have it at night. Gargle with saline water and some turmeric (haldi)/ Gargle with tea water.


Washing eyes many times a day with tap water. Instill rose drops (2-3) times many times a day. Soak cotton pads in warm turmeric water & keep over eyes many times a day.


Apply the mixture of glycerin and lemon over the corn at night.


Soak 6-8 dates (Khajoor) in a cup of water over night. Churn in a mixer and drink first thing in the morning. Simply suck a few liquorice (Mulhathi) sticks. 1 tablespoon of cows ghee with 7-8 ground black pepper. Take Lukewarm early morning and eat anything 1/2 to 1 hour after it. 7-8 black raisin (Munnaka) + 1 fig (Anjeer). 1 almond (mamra) soaked in some water over night. Take it first thing in morning by crushing all the three in water.

Ladys Finger: Split one in four verticals and soak in a glass of water overnight. Next morning shake it & drink that water. cup milk + cup water + 3-4 black raisin (Munnaka) + 3-4 date (khajoor). Boil and have last thing in night before going to bed. Boil all (bud, flower, leaves, peel of fruit of Pomegranate (anar) in 1 glass water. Reduce to and drink as last thing in the night. To a glassful of tolerably hot water add 1 spoon of cows ghee and slowly take it sip by sip as last thing in night. Apply Ghee on navel. Intake of triphala powder with hot water as first or last diet.


Apply lime juice, diamond sugar (mishri), Indian gooseberry juice (amla) together. Apply glycerin, lemon juice & rose water together


Take tea spoon common salt with Luke warm water. Due to alkaline property of salt it loosens and reactivates your nervous system. Some massage with castor/ olive oil. But massage it towards the direction of heart always. During bathing hold your tummy below the navel and apply oil in the navel. Pour 3-4 mugs of hot (tolerable) water over the navel.


A pinch Roasted asafetida (hing) + 2-3 powdered Cloves (laung). 2 black pepper with Lukewarm water.


1 tablespoon Banapsha (a herb) + 1 glass water bring to boil & reduce to glass (2 times day).


1 Nutmeg (jayaphal) rubbed on stone with water + 3 teaspoon honey (3 times a day). Juice of 2 leaves of holy basil (tulsi) + juice of 2 leaves of beetle (Pan) + honey (2 times a day). 1 pinch of turmeric (haldi) + 1 cup hot milk + 1 teaspoon honey (2 times a day). 2 teaspoon juice of leaves of beetle (pan) + honey.


Application of Aloe gel over the wound. Application of turmeric over the wound. Application of juice from fresh basil (Tulsi) leaves over the wound. Back to top


2-3 teaspoon of Indian gooseberry (amla) juice + 2 teaspoon honey. Drink empty stomach & have any thing after hour repeat it for 3 days.


Application of neem paste in the scalp 15 minutes before head bath. Application of curry leaves paste over scalp 5 minutes before head bath. Apply warm lemon juice over the scalp mixed with almond/olive/coconut/mustard oil over head and massage properly. Keep for 1/2 hour and wash off. Apply Aloe Vera juice with some turmeric and tulsi juice for 15 to 20 minutes before head bath.


Intake of coriander juice 2 times a day. Intake of tomato juice/ water guard (lauki) juice. Soak 1 teaspoon of fenugreek (methi) seeds overnight in some water and drink as first thing in the morning. Take 2 teaspoon of Indian gooseberry (Amla) juice in the morning empty stomach. Take dry mango leaves powder 1/2 a teaspoon 2 times a day. Eat 10 fully grown curry leaves in the morning for 3 months. Eat plenty of vegetables and avoid normal sugar & instead go for crystal sugar (Mishri). Drink wood apple (bel patra) water. Soak 7 triplets of Bel leaves in water overnight and boil in 2 glasses of water. Reduce to 1/2 glass and drink it early morning.


Drink cardamom water 2 to 3 times a day. Drink herbal tea. Practice Pranayam and Meditation. Intake of wheatgrass and alpha alpha to boost the nervous system.


2 glasses of carrot juice or sip about 1/2 a liter of carrot soup.

Roast 1 teaspoon fennel (saunf) and 1teaspoon mustard seeds in a pan. Make them powdered and add 1 teaspoon sugar to it. Make 3 portions and have 3 times a day with water. Take a wood apple (dry bel giri) piece and boil in water. Take the decoction(Put the content in water and reduce it to half as you boil it) 2-3 times a day. Take 1/2 teaspoon of tea leaves with water once a day to immediately I bring relief in diarrhea.


Take 1 teaspoon full of fennel (saunf) after every meal and chew it for as long as possible to boost digestion. Take two black peppers after meals and slowly chew it keeping in mouth for as long as possible. Soak bishops seed(Ajwain) after washing and drying in sun in lemon juice completely and add Trilavan (table salt, rock salt + Pakistani salt) in it and keep in sun for many days till lime juice is completely absorbed in ajwain. Have 1/2 teaspoon after meals and chew properly. Apply ghee in the navel. Gargle mouth with water many times before meal. Back to top


Instill 2-3 drops of mustard oil with garlic cloves burnt in it. Instill Wood apple (Bel Patra) oil in ear (available in Ayurveda medicine stores) 2 times a day. Instill few drops of ginger juice in ears.


Soak cotton pads in Lukewarm turmeric (Haldi) water and keep it over eyes many times a day. Wash eyes many times a day with water by filling water in mouth. Instill rose water in eyes.


Use slices of potato, refrigerated tea bags/ Slices of cucumber over the eyes for 510 minutes. Apply paste of fenugreek (methi) seeds under the eyes and keep it for 5 minutes. Back to top


Eat holy basil (tulsi leaves or tulsi seeds) (1/4 tea spoon) once a day or drink tulsi tea. Perform Shitali Pranayam. Drink big black cardamom decoction (Put the content in water and reduce it to half as you boil it) many times a day. In case of high fever keep cold sponges over head.


Keep one cardamom in mouth and take long time to eat it. Split one black raisin (Munnaka) and put one clove (with head) in it and keep it in mouth. Apply ghee in navel. Take fennel water/ decoction (Put the content in water and reduce it to half as you boil it). Drink lime water with a pinch of rock salt and soda bicarbonate in it.


Intake of Luke warm water at regular intervals. Allergic reaction of honey/egg Take cup of Luke warm water and add to 1 teaspoon of ghee. Drink it sip by sip. Bishop seeds (Ajwain) + a pinch of salt + some Luke warm water. FOOD POISONING/ CONSTIPATION/ GASTRIC TROUBLE 2 liters water + 1 teaspoon fennel (saunf) + teaspoon bishop seeds (Ajwain) + 2 small Green cardamom (elaiachi) + 4 leaves tulsi (holy basil) + 5-7 leaves mint (pudina) + 2-3 boils + green tea (if available) strain & drink it 4-5 times a day. Make fresh for next day.


2-3 drops of lemon in eyes. Apply honey with kajal stick/ear bud. Wash eyes keeping them open. Splash water into them. Blink eyes many times. Back to top


2 teaspoon mint (pudina) + 1 pinch rock salt.


See Rheumatism and aches.


See Bleeding gums Back to top


Apply home made herbal oil on the scalp and massage (preferably Luke warm). Rub warm lemon juice on scalp. Wash off when it is dry. Bath the hair in beer/ vinegar/ honey water (2 teaspoons of honey in a mug full of water)/ coconut milk as a rinse. Apply henna pack with herbs like Indian Gooseberry (amla) powder, soap nut powder (ritha) & shikakai. Wash hair with gram flour (besan) powder. Apply wheatgrass paste (in water base) on scalp for 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Drink fresh Indian gooseberry (amla) juice early morning (extracts of two).


Apply egg white for oily hair/ yellow part for dry hair.


Curd + 2 drops of mustard oil.


Apply hot lemon juice on scalp and massage well to relieve tension. In case of migraine instill 4 drops of lemon juice on the opposite nostril of the side of head aching. For e.g. for left side headache put lemon drops in right nostril. Massage garlic juice to the ear opposite to the side of head aching. Give acupressure to the thumb of big toe with finger and the thumb. Get a good massage done to the cervical region.


In case of heart pain boil 1/2 teaspoon full of sandal wood powder in a cup of water and drink 3 times a day. Incase of palpitation drink cardamom (choti elayachi) water or cardamom tea. In case of heart problems eat 1/4 teaspoon of cardamom seeds daily.

In case of heart problem take 1/4 tea spoon of asafetida (Hing) along with one large raisin (kishmish) everyday. Ripe banana if taken daily strengthens the heart. Ghee application in navel.


Drink 2 teaspoon of onion juice with salt in it. It immediately gives cooling sensation in body. Apply ice overhead. Apply ghee in navel.


Take some leave of neem and crush to form 1table spoon paste and add salt and bishop seeds (ajwain) to it. Take it in afternoon hour before meals for 3 days. Immediately follow with a bowl of full cream curd. Back to top


A cup of warm milk with honey or jaggery (Gur) before going to bed is good for a good night sleep. A teaspoon of honey given to children is good for a healthy sleep. Perform yoga and Pranayam. Read some book before going to bed.


Intake warm milk with a pinch of turmeric with some Jaggery in it after taking off from flame. Drink sip by sip.


Take lots of lime juice. Take unripe mango + pepper + some honey once a day Take 1/2 teaspoon ginger + 1 tablespoon lime + 1 tablespoon mint juice + 1 tablespoon honey 3 times a day. Take the juice of radish (Mooli) leaves mixed with some crystal sugar (Mishri). Take curd and rice. Take a glass of tomato juice with some black pepper daily.

Back to top


Prepare the paste as follows and take it 2 times a day (Morning and Evening) with Luke warm milk for 40 to 45 days: Ingredients: 500 gm - Moong dal (split green lentil) 500 gm - Desi ghee Crystal Sugar (Mishri) to taste Preparation: Grind moong dal to a fine powder and add ghee in it. Put it in a big pan, heat till the paste is formed and ghee oozes out of it. Let it cool and then add crystal sugar (mishri) in it. Store it in a jar. Make sure no water droplet is inside and use a dry spoon to take it every time. Back to top


Take 1/4 tea spoon of tulsi seed with warm water 2 times a day some days before the date. Intake of dry fruits and nuts helps a lot.


Take tulsi/neem/mint decoction (Put the content in water and reduce it to half as you boil it). 1/2 teaspoon of grounded cinnamon (dalchini) every night with 1 cup milk.


Take a warm cup of milk with some ghee and add Jaggery to it after pouring in glass. Take it for 3 days in continuity. Easing the pain with hot water bottle. Intake of herbal tea or tulsi tea or mint tea Boil one teaspoon saffron (kesar) in 1/2 cup water. Reduce to 1 tablespoon. Divide into 3 parts and take with equal quantity of water, 3 times a day for 3 days.


Cooked banana flower with curd is considered effective in excessive bleeding. It helps in increasing progesterone which reduces bleeding.


Pudina/Tulsi/Neem decoction (Put the content in water and reduce it to half as you boil it) twice a day Pinch of salt + 1/2 teaspoon Bishop Seeds (ajwain) + some water sip by sip. Take 3-4 glasses of water and put 1 big black cardamom in it. Keep on flame for boiling till 1 glass remains. Drink sip by sip.


Intake of Peanuts (Moongphali). Coriander (1 teaspoon seed) boiled in 2 cups of water reduced to 1 cup. Add sugar to taste and drink while Lukewarm. Repeat 2-3 times a day.


Intake of Luke warm saline water 2-3 times day. Give pressure to the web of thumb & index finger as per capacity for few minutes. Dink a cup of milk with a pinch of turmeric and some Jaggery (Gur)(as per taste) in it. Application of hot lemon juice (rubbing) on the site of spasm.


Gargling the mouth with water many times. Drinking lime water with pinch of rock salt (kaala namak) and soda bi carb in it. Deep pressure with thumb on the top side of the thumb, the web between the thumb and the index finger, lower crease of the elbow. All these points have a direct connection with the stomach to heal the morning sickness. 2 drops of essential oil on a sugar lump or combination of essential oil with a small amount of honey. Intake of some salt(1 to 2 pinch) directly over the tongue. Back to top


Instill 2-3 almond oil drops in both the nostrils. Almond oil massage over the head. Tulsi tea seven black pepper + 7 cloves tea/ banapsha decoction (Put the content in water and reduce it to half as you boil it). All these are helpful to open up nasal

blockage. Soak your feet in tolerable hot water for 15 minutes before going to the bed. Giving pressure on all the finger tips by pressing them against each other or taking Ling Mudra in hands. Lie down on the opposite side of blocked nostril to open up the blockage.


Pinch the nose closed for a moment, tilt the head back or pour ice cold water over head by tilting the head back. Instill 2-3 drops of lemon juice in nostrils. Back to top


Intake of triphala powder (2 tablespoonful) with tolerable hot water once a day(first or last diet) Chew 10 fresh fully grown curry leaves as first diet daily. Drink tomato juice 2 times a day. Drink lemonade (plain) many times a day Cabbage and celery salad are the best hour before meals. Wheat grass juice is excellent to reduce weight.(2 times a day ) A handful of roasted groundnut (moongphali) with tea/ coffee hour before meals to reduce and control hunger. Back to top


Warm up a glass of milk. Take off the flame and add lemon juice in it. Stir with a spoon vigorously and have sip by sip as last thing in night. Apply coconut oil or Desi ghee (clarified butter) at the anal opening 2-3 times a day. 2-3 figs (anjeer) soaked in water overnight taken in the morning and then soak again and take in the evening for 3-4 weeks. A small lime slit into two and sprinkled with rock salt powder inside. The lime is then tucked inside the mouth and juice slowly taken in. Eating raw papaya daily.


Put some water in mouth and splash water into eyes many times. Repeat it many times a day.


Rubbing and massaging the teeth and gums with a mixture of salt and turmeric or salt and mustard oil. Gargling the mouth with a pinch full of salt and a pinch of turmeric with a pintful of water. Gargling the mouth for 5 to 10 minutes with sesame oil. Gargling the mouth with neem water decoction (Put the content in water and reduce it to half as you boil it). Back to top


Application of home made unsalted butter (white butter) or clarified butter (Desi ghee) over the rashes. Application of a mixture of glycerin and rose water over the rashes. Application of juice/gel extracted from a freshly cut aloe Vera (Ghrit Kumari/ Kwar Gandhal) leaf.


Take 2 tablespoon aloe Vera juice/gel with a pinch of turmeric+ a glassful of Luke warm water early morning. Application of oil prepared out of 3 tablespoon of sesame oil warmed with one powdered nutmeg (jaiphal) till it becomes brown and comes up. Store it and apply it on the leg, hip and lower back region. After bathing take 1 mug full tolerably hot water and let it run from hip to toes in a thin single stream. Intake of 2 pinches of asafetida (hing) in some Luke warm water before going to bed.


Application of first saliva on the infected area. Application of first urine on the infected area. Back to top


Rub and massage Desi ghee(clarified butter) warmed up with one to two pinches of salt on throat. Gargling with saline water 2 to 3 times a day. (See under cough and cold.)


5 cloves + 5 Cardamoms daily. 2-4 black pepper (whole) slowly let it dissolve in mouth Back to top


See pyorrhea Keep some cotton soaked in 1-2 drops of essential oil of clove or brandy in case of toothache. Brushing teeth with neem stick. Gargling with neem leaves water or turmeric and salt water. Fry an onion and wrap it in a small cloth. If toothache is on the right side put the cloth on the pulse of right wrist and if on left keep it on the left wrist, if on front teeth place the bag on the wrist just below the thumb joint of one or both hands.


A fresh lime squeezed in a glassful of water , with 4 teaspoonful of honey and teaspoonful of common salt should be sipped slowly. A glassful of pure boiled milk + 1 pinch of turmeric powder +few broken pepper should be taken for 3 consecutive nights. Massaging the tonsils with warmed up saline mustard oil(salt + mustard oil) Giving acupressure to the ball of the thumb and the web between the thumb and the index finger.


Intake of amla juice/orange juice/lime juice is excellent. Intake with butter milk. Back to top


Gargle with equal quantity of water and soda.


Gargle with sesame oil for 5 to 10 min empty stomach as first thing in morning. Intake of lime juice with water 2 to 3 times a day. Back to top


Soak pads in triphlaadi ghritham/ tailam (available in Auyrvedic stores) and keep them over eyes once a day. Eat lots of papaya, carrot and beet root. Massage head with almond oil. Massage the root of big toe nail with mustard oil before going to bed. Perform Tratak.


Dried peels of lemon crushed into powder & honey (2 pinches of lime peel powder & teaspoon honey). Back to top

WHIT LOW (Hurting Nails)

12 Gms of spongel seeds (Isabgul) should be soaked in 45 Gms of vinegar and applied.