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Personally, it will be hard to see her go, and if we had an opening, I would strongly recommend Kate. -Kristin L.

Willey Student Teaching Host Teacher and English Teacher at Ithaca

Kathryn Joy Gilbert

7136 Parkridge Pkwy Swartz Creek, MI 48473 kathryn.gilbert@cmich.edu

The way she taught things was more of a hands-on experiences, which made it easy to understand. -Alexandra E. Evans 11th Grade Student Spanish III

Kate certainly possesses the qualities that will make her an excellent teacher in any position that she might apply for. -Rudy Godefroidt Student Teaching Coordinator

Her willingness to spend time outside of the teaching day preparing for her lessons shows that she understands the profession and is ready to take over her own classroom. -Eugene Lebron Student Teaching Host Teacher and Spanish Teacher at Ithaca

Certifications: Spanish (K-12), English (7-12), and ESL (7-12)

Kathryn Joy Gilbert

OBJECTIVE To obtain a position as a Spanish teacher at the elementary, middle, or high school level in a school where I believe I can instill a student-centered curriculum while refining my own skills as a foreign language educator. EDUCATION Masters in Spanish Linguistics, expected A ugust 2013, Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT Bachelor of Science in Education, expected May 2012, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI Certification: GPA: Honors: Spanish K-12; English and English as a Second Language 7-12 3.45 Betty Jones Scholarship for Summer Language Schools (February 2012), Deans List (May 2009-May 2011), Mary Entree Scholarship for Spanish Study Abroad Programs, Swartz Creek High School MEA Scholarship for Future Teachers, CMU Honors Program (Aug. 2006- Dec. 2007). Center for Cross-Cultural Studies, Seville, Spain. May 23-July 23, 2009 Service Learning Project, Oaxaca, Mexico. May 7- 28, 2007. Middlebury College Graduate Program, Middlebury, Vermont. June 28- Aug. 11, 2011

Spanish Immersion:

TEACHING EXPERIENCE Jan.-May. 2012 Student Teacher, Ithaca Junior/High School, Ithaca, MI Prepared and presented a variety of lessons to both middle and high school students in Spanish and English classes in accordance to the Common Core standards (English) and the 5 Cs of Foreign Language education (as according to the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages). Corrected assignments, exams, and provided constructive feedback on various assessments. Advised and helped with student groups and extracurricular activities such as Spanish Club and chaperoning dances. Guided students in learning essential reading skills that lead to a more than 20% increase in students reading at or above grade level. Incorporated student-centered learning and interactive activities to give students ownership of their learning and to make curriculum fun and exciting for all students. Long-Term Substitute Teacher (English), Ithaca Junior/Senior High School, Ithaca, MI Created and led lessons that followed the classroom teachers overall goals and expectations. Graded student work and gave constructive criticism to help students learn the required curriculum based on the expectations provided by the classroom teacher. Managed classroom discipline and expectations in congruence with school policies and my own instincts. Attended professional development opportunities provided to the teachers in the school, which included learning to analyze MEAP data, Reading Apprenticeship, and professional book studies. Spanish 101 Assistant Teacher, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI Worked in partnership with CMU Spanish Faculty to teach two small groups in one-hour practice sessions two nights a week. Instructed classes consisting of approximately 30 students, clarifying material that was taught during lecture. Gained first-hand experience of teaching a wide variety of grammatical concepts in the target language of Spanish. Substitute Teacher, PCMI Services, Gratiot/Isabella ISD

Sept.-Oct, 2011

Jan.- May 2011

Jan. 2011- Present

Aug. 2009- Dec. 2011

Writing Consultant, Central Michigan University Writing Center, Mount Pleasant, MI Collaborated on writing projects with university students from across the academic disciplines at various stages of the writing process and on a variety of different writing projects. Worked with both native and non-native English speakers on a regular basis. Co-edited Carved Marks, the Writing Centers publication for Basic Writing students, August 2010- May 2011.

FIELD EXPERIENCE Sept.- Nov. 2011 Mid-Tier Teacher (Elementary Spanish), Averill Elementary, Lansing, MI Conducted both full class lessons and small group sessions. Created specialized means of presenting new foreign language topics for children. Mid-Tier Teacher (Secondary Spanish), Montabella High School, Montabella, MI Increased and broadened my own understanding of certain Spanish grammatical concepts by answering students questions and helping to clarify topics. Presented two lessons using Totally Physical Response (TPR) and the Presentation, Attention, Cooperation, and Exercise (PACE) model. Mid-Tier Teacher (English), Ithaca Junior/Senior School, Ithaca, MI Created and lead lessons to help students improve their reading, writing, and editing skills. Assisted in the textbook selection process. Learned how to grade, instruct, and manage behavior in ways specific to the needs of middle school students.

Sept.- Nov. 2011

Sept.- Nov. 2010

TEACHING-RELATED EXPERIENCE Apr. 2009- Present Feb. 2012- Present Referee, Michigan Womens Lacrosse Officials Association, Lansing, MI. Coach, Girls on the Run of Central Michigan, Ithaca, MI

CAMPUS ACTIVITIES AND PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Aug. 2008- Present Kappa Delta Pi, Epsilon Eta Chapter, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI Served on the executive board in various positions including Student Government Association Representative (Sept. 2008-May 2009), Secretary (May 2009- May 2010) ,Vice President (May 2010- May 2011), and President (May 2011- Present)/ Organized a variety of presenters, workshops, and professional development opportunities for the members involved and greater campus community. English as a Second Language Association, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI Gained experience working with non-native English speakers and how to most effectively teach these students. Rebuilt a club from near-extinction while serving as club President (May 2010- May 2011). Womens Lacrosse Team, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI Played an intercollegiate club sport on a highly competitive level. Managed time between a vigorous practice schedule, schoolwork, and a job. Served as Treasurer (May 2007- May 2010) and Captain (September 2009-May 2010).

Aug. 2007- May 2011

Aug. 2006- May 2010

PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS Jan. 2012- Present Jan. 2012- Present Oct. 2012- Present Michigan Service Scholar, Americorps, Lansing, MI Engaged in, created, and promoted service learning in the community that I student taught in. College Positive Volunteer, Americorps, Lansing, MI Promoted post-high school education to students in junior and senior high school. Michigan World Language Association (MiWLA), Lansing, MI Attended conferences and participated in professional development opportunities.

Mrs. Kristin Willey 8th Grade English Teacher Ithaca Junior/Senior High School Ithaca, MI 48847 (989) 944-4444 kwilley@ithacaschools.net Mr. Eugene Lebron High School Spanish Teacher Ithaca Junior/Senior High School Ithaca, MI 48847 (989) 875-1102 elebron@ithacaschools.net Mrs. Renee Sopel Junior High Principal Ithaca Junior/Senior High School Ithaca, MI 48847 (989) 875-3373 rsopel@ithacaschools.net Dr. Susan Knight Professor of Spanish and Methodology Central Michigan University 318 Pearce Hall Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858 (989) 772-0314 knight1sm@cmich.edu Mr. Rudy Godefroidt Student Teaching Coordinator Central Michigan University 320 Southridge Dr. Hemlock, MI 48626 (989) 642-5830 rgodefroidt@yahoo.com Mrs. Bonnie Haffajee Character Reference Principal Randels Elementary Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools Flint, MI 48532 (810) 591-7401

Additional references and professional recommendations available upon request