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Speaking Eva lua tio n g rid (C ORE )

Criterion A B C D E

/Arguments - Good, strong - Good arguments - Some
- 1 or no
(pertinente, coherence  arguments and and answers arguments and
answers argument and
& clarity of the  -Sometimes hard answers missing - Nothing said
message) - Easy to to understand the - Not easy to
understand - Not understable
meaning understand

- Good voice and

Speaking Slow - Strong voice -Low voice and - Low voice and
speak a little bit - Does not talk
and it flows well speak too fast does not speak
Speaking Loud

-Always -Generally -Somewhat

appropriate appropriate appropriate -Numerous errors
syntax, verb syntax, verb syntax, verb in syntax, verb
Grammar  tenses, tenses, tenses, tenses, -Incomprehensibl
(vocabulary, verb  vocabulary, etc. vocabulary, etc. vocabulary, etc. vocabulary, etc. e
-Always focus on -Generally focus -Sometimes focus -No focus on the
pronunciation) the tone of the on the tone of the on the tone of the tone of the words
words words words
Name: Group :