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T Codes for SAP Sales register and excise invoice.

Please use T code J1I2 to prepare Sales Tax register Use the following T codes J1I2 - Prepare a sales tax register J1I3 - Create outgoing excise invoices in batches J1I5 - Update the RG 1 and Part I registers J1IEX - Incoming Excise Invoices (central transaction) J1IEX_C - Capture an incoming excise invoice (excise clerk) J1IEX_P - Post an incoming excise invoice (excise supervisor) J1IF01 - Create a subcontracting challana J1IF11 - Change a subcontracting challan J1IF12 - Display a subcontracting challan J1IF13 - Complete, reverse, or recredit a subcontracting challan J1IFQ - Reconcile quantities for subcontracting challans J1IFR - List subcontracting challans J1IH - Make a CENVAT adjustment posting J1IIN - Create an outgoing excise invoice J1IJ - Assign excise invoices to a delivery for sales from depots J1INJV - Adjust withholding tax Item J1INREP - Reprint a withholding tax certificate for a vendor J1IQ - Year-End Income Tax Depreciation Report J1IR - Download register data J1IS - Process an excise invoice (outgoing) for other movements J1IU - Process exemption forms J1IW - Verify and post an incoming excise invoice J1IX - Create an incoming excise invoice (without reference to purchase order) J2I8 - Transfer excise duty to CENVAT account J2IU - Remit excise duty fortnightly J2I9 - Monthly CENVAT return J1IG - Excise invoice entry at depot J1IGA - Create additional excise entry at depot J2I5 - Extract data for excise registers J2I6 - Print excise registers