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Week 1

Monday Intro Dates 6/18 7/9 7/30 Tuesday Intro Dates 6/19 7/10 7/31 Wednesday News Dates 6/20 7/11 8/1 Thursday News Dates 6/21 7/12 8/2 9-11:30 AM Intro: Writing and Talking Writing for readers vs listeners Speaking on camera Interm: Writing and Talking Writing tips Speaking on camera Channel 7 Trip 12-3 PM Intro: Camera and Editing Camera composition Editing basics Lighting & Sound Interm: Camera and Editing Studio 3-Camera setup Editing with sound, FX, graphics Writing and Reading for News Interviewing News copy Camera presence Recording Field Stories Leads & wraps Interviewing B-Roll WXYZ Trip Speaker

Eli Zaret

Professional Editor (PM)

News Anchor (Margolis, Perkins, etc.) (PM)

Friday News Dates 6/22 7/13 8/3

Record Anchors Teleprompter use and Camera presence Camera composition, lighting, sound Greenscreen weather report Editing Field Stories with Anchors intros Editing footage Lower thirds Audio, FX

News Cameraman and Field Reporter (PM)

Record live news show with field stories Evaluate News Reports with professional

News Director/Producer (PM)

Week 2
Monday Sports Dates 6/25 7/16 8/6 Tuesday Sports Dates 6/26 7/17 8/7 Wednesday Sports Dates 6/27 7/18 8/8 9-11:30 AM Pro Sports Facility (Ford Field, Comerica, Palace) 12-3 PM Sports Field Reporting Camera composition Reporter presence Interviewing B-Roll
Producting a Sports Show (like ESPN) Creating a ladder for a sports show Selecting angles for show Choosing questions for field or press room interviews.

Trip Pro Sports Arena (AM)

Speaker Jennifer Hammond (PM)

Play by Play & Color Editing:

Record play-byplay of games from stock footage Record audio narrations of highlights

Play by Play Announcer: Mario Impemba, Dan Miller (AM)

Fox Sports Detroit

Producing a sports program Record reporters on location at sporting events with interviews Record anchors for sports show with segues to reports Evaluated by Pete Skorich Writing Ads
Writing for a client Pitching a :30 ad Demo Reel

Fox Sports Detroit (AM)

Pete Skorich (Pistons Director) (PM)

Thursday Advertising Dates 6/28 7/19 8/9 Friday Advertising Dates 6/29 7/20 8/10

Ad Agency

VO work for radio and TV Acting for ads

Ad Agency (AM)

Tim Thomas (copywriter) (PM)

Shooting Ads (options)

Shoot client ad for Pro Cam Shoot VO Ad Shoot PSA Shoot radio ad

Post Production on Ads

Edit ads Post-production (graphics, music, VO, FX)

Ad Director (PM)

Ad director evaluates ads