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Change only the details coloured yellow

Spring details: Wire Diameter of Spring, (d) Modulus of Rigidity for Stainless Steel Springs (G) Mean Diameter of the spring(D) No. of turns (n) No. of Springs(Ns) Free length(FL) Operating length(OL)
5 2

0.60 mm

G= G = 0.79 x 10 N/mm 79000.00 N/mm2 ( Modulus of rigidity for stainless steel) D= 4.40 mm

n= Ns= FL= OL=

8.00 Dimensionless 9.00 Dimensionless 20.00 mm 11.00 mm ( OL must be more than the solid length ) Solid Length equals number of turns multiplied by wire diameter of the spring

Spring rate = Gd^4/(8D^3n) Spring Rate in kgf/mm

1.88 N/mm 0.19 Kgf/mm
(Since 1N =0.1019716 Kgf)

Spring Force ( Fs ) = Spring Rate* No.of Springs (Ns) *(FL OL)

15.51 kgf

Face Area Calculation

74.00 mm

Face ID
81.20 mm

Face OD Seal Face Area Seal face area in cm2 (Af) Spring Pressure ( Ps ) = Spring force(Fs)/ Face Area(Af) Spring pressure in Mpa
Spring Design 877.19 mm2 8.77 cm2 1.77 kgf/cm2 0.17 Mpa


( 1 Kgf/cm2=0.0980665 Mpa )

Note: The spring pressure on seal face should be designed for 0.1 to 0.5 Mpa.( 1 Kg/cm2 to 5 kg/cm2 )