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SSeS cece eccree hee eee Intermediate GRAMMAR Games A collection of grammar games and activities for intermediate students of English Jill Hadfield photocopiable material eee eeeee ene eee Peugon sdwatonUinted With grateful thanks to David Lott, Liz Paren tow and Genevieve Talon for their skilful and ingand patient editing of the various versions of rd assoated Companies throughout the word this book. 0. Hadeld 2003 Jill Hadfield The sght of il Masiello be identified as author of this Work has ben enerted by her in acordance with the Copyright, Desgne and Patents At 1968 Permision t copy Perminion for copes of the pages nthe vectons frm page 38.0128 fobe mace without fes a olows: private purchasers may make {pie for their oun une a for use by cates of which they ae ‘ge: school purchasers may make copies for use within ah by the Satt ona stusens ofthe sol anly Ths permission to copy does net fxtend to additonal soot or branches of en iatuton, who sould purchase a separate master copy of te book for thei on se Fist published 2002 Printed in Malaysia Porced for he Pubes by Geneve Talon - Designer: evr yest 1360 In memory of rte Gable rton (nt 3, 8, 18, 23, 22, 28, 36 36, Gillian Porter Ladousse John la (ort 810. 12,223 [p 83), 28,33. 35,39, 5 ery Moke Guts, 6, 11,19, 23 [pp @4-51, 31,32) inspiring writer, generous colleague, beloved friend =>