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Command cheat sheet

ActiveMQ Queues check

http://server:8171/check http://server:8171/admin/queues ActiveMQ.DLQ can be purge only, NEVER DELETE

jps -l -m Lists all java process with pid jmap -dump:file=/path/where/we/want/it.map $pid

Query: app farm server table: shows the farms app farm server table get $FARM: displays $FARM specifics Drain (disable): app farm server table set $FARM $serverIP 0 as disabled Farm Enable Server: app farm server table set $FARM $ServerIP 0 as enabled List IP Pool: app l4-policy table

NetApp Remember to check if the commands are needed on more than one filer
List snapshots: snap list Create snapshot: snap create VolName SnapName Delete snapshot: snap delete VolName SnapName Snapshot restore: snap restore s SnapName VolName Check Aggregate space Aggr show space g

Create volume: vol create Resize volume: vol size volume [-+] size[k|m|g|t] Volume offline: vol offline VolName Delete volume: vol destroy VolName Create flex clone: vol clone create VolName s none b OrigVol SnapName

Snapmirror status: snapmirror status Resume broken baseline: snapmirror initialize source destination (when a snapmirror is not completed yet)