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QFT Ideas

Teacher Warrenfeltz Question Focus We need to be able to measure precisely Application (how it was used) We completed the QFT questioning techinque the day before a challenge. We then used the student generated questions as reflection after each days work in a 4 day challenge. We completed the QFT questioning technique prior to starting a unit focusing on multiplication and area. Students will use the questions as reflection and also to set their own goals in a self-selected portion of the challenge rubric. We completed the QFT. The responses were then built into a rubric revolving around a PBL on resources. The students used the questions to guide their research and reflect on when completing the assignment. We will complete the QFT using our Big Idea as an opener to our Chemistry/Physics study. The questions will guide the students as they design and implement investigations and culminating challenge. We are completing the QFT in our classrooms before beginning an integrated ELA and Social Studies unit on Colonial America and Native Americans. The questions students generate will serve as a preassessment for what they know now about these things and then guide future instruction through the unit. Our overall goal will be to have students be able to defend their thinking and debate on who had a greater impact upon each other, Colonists or Native Americans. We did the QFT before learning about MLK to focus our thinking on a quick mini unit. Information learned will be combined into a student created class book.


We need to accurately determine the area of a specific region.


Identifying renewable and nonrenewable resources. -Regions are defined by their resources. -Resources are defined by their regions. Different processes can change different properties of matter.

2nd grade


Native Americans and colonists impacted each other and the environment.

Holter/Greenwald/Weber Martin Luther King, Jr wanted America to change so that all people were treated

fairly. He believed that we could make change without using violence. Warrenfeltz Math Challenge We used a modified QFT Process to create a rubric for a math challenge. We have used this same process when creating rubrics for other challenges/PBLs. Its quick, easy, and we have it down to about a 20 minute process per rubric. To help the students think more deeply about the purposes of asking questions, I have them categorize the questions: Questions that are answered in the text Questions that require me to make an inference Questions that require research to answer Questions that are not vital to Understanding the text Questions that clear up confusion

Amy Beck

Questions Readers Think of While They Read