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HO OPONOPONO HEW LEN (DVD vdeos) AMF ............... Welcome to Zero Limts III - The Final Chapter.

r. In this video you'll hear the story of how Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len connected, and Dr. Hew Len answers the greatest questions mankind has ever asked. Who am I? Why am I here? Why do I exist? How do I work? What is a problem? Where is a problem? How can a problem be solved? Find out why clarity is the most important asset you could have in your life. Once youre clear, everything happens spontaneously. Inspiration shows up; people who are clear show up in your life, abundance comes. If youre not clear, nobody else can be clear and all hell breaks loose. .............. What does it mean to be clear? Clarity is saying and being nothing, zero. Its like taking your computer back to zero, theres no data. Thats where Dr. Hew Len wants to take you, back to zero, to nothing; the place of all inspiration. When youre at zero, you get inspired and get perfect information just for you. Then the perfect people, situations and things will show up in your life as a result of that inspiration. This is freedom. When youre free, the whole cosmos is free. Zero is the home base of the divine. Its the home base of the I Am. All problems are memories replaying. Your enemy is the data inside of you. HoOponopono is about what the great sages referred to as giving up the world, which is just old memories replaying. Then theres room for inspiration from nothing, the void, from zero. ............

All of our questions come from "data", or memories in our head. Theyre coming from the garbage that we want to clear. So how do we clean on our stuff? Learn the mantra of clearing - Im sorry - please forgive me thank you I love you. 1

But realize that even this is keeping you one step removed from zero. If you would put God first, all inspiration, inventions and abundance would come through to you. Allowing the divinity to come through allows inspiration to shine the light that you act on. When you have a choice, youre not clear. So what does that do to our idea of free will? When inspiration comes through, you just do it, theres no ambiguity. .........

Dr. Hew Len is going to take you through an exercise to breathe away the data you want to clear. This process is called the Ha. It will prevent jet lag, and put your heart and entire body back into rhythm. His explanation of creation and who you are will give you a great understanding of how you operate, and how and where your problems come from and are stored. Your problems will kill you if you dont learn to love and clear them. Using simple clearing methods Dr. Hew Len will demonstrate how to purify your memory data, and transform the problem back into the void as new energy that you can now create with. .......... Everything is sacred. The room youre in, the chair you sit in, the carpet on the floor. Everything is alive and interconnected: were all one. You may have heard this over and over, but theres nothing like a seminar with Joe and Dr. Hew Len to really bring this truth home. Its all about you taking responsibility for you; and its all you. Do these processes really work? Our sub conscious mind receives millions of bits of information per second, our conscious mind less than fifteen. Dr. Hew Len says that our conscious mind cant have any idea whats really going on, but when you really understand whats going on at the greater level, youd never stop cleaning. ............. 2

Do you have to have intention to clean? No. You just do it. Listen to Mary, one of Dr. Hew Lens case studies as she explains how she has used the cleaning techniques in her business and personal life for the past twelve years. Do you clean to get results? No. You clean and let go and let the results be what theyll be. You dont have to have to analyze or get an answer to what a problem is, you just clean it. Problems are not about what anyone else is doing; the whole world is inside of you. When you do the cleaning, the external representation of your world changes. If other people are irritating you, and you do the clearing on yourself, your perception changes and youre no longer irritated. If you feel love, others will feel love. ................... The most important relationship in creation is between the conscious and the subconscious mind, or the mother and child. The mother is the conscious mind and she can either take care of the inner child, or ignore it. Dr. Hew Len takes you through a beautiful, touching exercise to re-establish this relationship. All your hurts and pains are stored in your child as sorrow, and hell assist you in beginning the healing, cleaning process to establish a bond. Always ask the child for permission to interact and love it. You can teach the child to do the cleaning automatically, but if you havent created the relationship, it wont do it. This is a gentle, respectful process. ............. Enjoy Dr. Hew Lens sense of humor as he shares jokes and anecdotes from former students on their results using Ho' Oponopono. Then Mabel Katz, a long time student of Dr. Hew Lens shares her wonderful experiences about how she found her truth - that being 100% responsible set her free. Mabels story is truly amazing and validates for all of us that the miracles and changes in her life are available to us all if we just do this work. One of her greatest contributions is her explanation that we dont have to mean what we say, we dont have to believe what we say, when we do the work, we just do it and give permission for it to happen.

When you download a program into your computer, you dont have to know how it works, or believe that it will work, you just download it and know that it works. When you press the delete button on the computer, you dont have to beseech it, pray to it, hope that it will delete something, we just press the button and its deleted. ............. You can clean in any moment, you dont have to wait for something to aggravate you first. Just make it a constant part of your day. Dr. Hew Len explains how to use something as fun as jelly beans as a clearing tool. You can give the jelly beans a purpose, like making sure youre always in the right place at the right time and the inner child will clear all the data that would stop you from being there. Be like a little child. We only act out of inspiration or memory. Dr. Hew Len tells us a few startling stories of what happens when we act unconsciously out of memory. It may really make you rethink your life! ....... Joe tells us a stunning story about the inventor of an off the charts new hydrogen car, and his zero limits journey to success. How a doodle on a napkin after dinner resulted in the first amazing prototype car that generates its own hydrogen. Taking action on every inspiration leads to the creation of new ideas and manifestations. The more we clean, the more the inspiration flows. Cleaning is the background technique to everything. Dont focus on money, focus on God and clearing, and when the inspiration comes, act on it and it will bring your abundance. ........... Joe shares his life insights from poverty to joy and abundance, that came from being in the moment. Donna, whos known Joe for over 20 years, tells us about the changes shes seen in him over the years. Can cleaning get to be too much for you and make you queasy? Divinity knows you, and would never over do the effects of clearing and cleaning, or do anything harmful to you. 4

We are cleaning on all different levels. Where the seminar took place, Dr. Hew Len explains what has happened on that land over the millennia and he can see whats taking place. When you do cleaning, you can clean all times, not just now. When you give up hoping, thinking and wanting, Gods inspiration shows up in your life. With inspiration and action, you can create miracles.

........ Dr. Hew Len demonstrates how to use an eraser on a pencil as a cleaning tool. Amongst some good chuckles, youll learn how this works for cleaning machinery, computer problems, mail, and household items. Once activated, you can use the eraser to delete anything. On a map, if youre travelling, you can erase any unwanted data along the route youre taking. You can clean the airplane, and the airport as well. Youre only here because divinity has resurrected you to fulfill your purpose, which is to set yourself free. Once youre free at zero, divinity will fill you with the light and youll do whatever needs to be done without ever having to think about it. You are already divine and perfect in every way; its just the data in you that needs to be cleaned. .............. Joe has created and continues to create wonderful products to help advance consciousness and personal growth. Mark Ryan, who collaborates with Joe talks about some of the products that are available so that when this seminar is done you can continue your journey with them. Dr. Hew Len shows us how to use a pillow for cleaning beastly stuff from our data! Buy a down feather pillow, and when you go to sleep, it will start the cleaning process as you dream. Blue corn meal works great on genetic problems, but it has to be Arrow brand corn meal. The demons love to eat it! Thinking is what created these demonic genetic problems. Thinking creates an overly strong electrical charge in the brain thats hard on the soul. .............. 5

When you are yourself, nothing, everyone else is free. When the data runs you, its like a DVD; theres a lot of information on it, but none of it is real. Dr. Hew Len talks about naming a child. There are only four possible names, and he takes you through an exercise to connect with your inner child. Without this wonderful working relationship with your child, your sub conscious mind, all the money in the world will still leave you empty and unhappy. The child has no discretion. If a memory comes up, it will mimic that, if inspiration comes up, it will mimic that. Its up to you to teach it to discern between memory and inspiration. .......... In the beginning there was nothing, you were in a heavenly state. There was no work; you didnt have to do anything. You didnt know about food, or money, or relationships. Now we have had so many lifetimes we are loaded with data, absolutely loaded. You have zillions of DVDs in your data bank. The data is whats telling you youre impoverished, youre no good, youre this, youre that. None of it is true, youre always pure and perfect, its just data. This is a lifetimes work moment to moment. The only thing between you and divinity is data. Data is like clouds that hide the sun, but the sun is always still there. This work removes the clouds. ....... Mary answers some really great questions for the audience. Shes really excellent at working with family members. As a mother of seven, with eight siblings that shes worked with for years, Mary has a wealth of stories to share. Mary has developed a really clear inner voice that gives her guidance on how to work with people. She gives clear advice about how to start your journey by staying very simple, with just the first four phrases. Then as you go along talking to your child, start to receive inner guidance. She makes sure her child is ready for the day, and then she cleans her family, her business, her childrens businesses after she gets up. She uses several cleaning tools like jelly beans and the solar water that are easy to use in her daily life. Its so simple, its just about making this work part of your day. ..........

Joe and Dr. Hew Len close the seminar with a dynamic and humorous Q&A and feedback session. Dr. Hew Len tells us that after youve cleaned your car, land and house often enough, they will keep themselves clean and clean anything harmful on their own. They learn how to do it from you. Hot chocolate erases memories that put money, or the world first instead of the divinity. Have a hot chocolate in the evening. Dont worry about sugar, its only the perception of something thats the problem. Hot chocolate is wonderful. If you want to use something of your own to clear with, ask divinity. Clean the question 3 times first, I love you, I love you, I love you, and step inside the question and listen to what you get. Divinity will answer your questions.

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