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Diwan Amiri

The supreme consultative committee on the implementation of the Muslim sharia law
Social Development Office
Martyrs Bureau

Diwan of H.H. The Crown Prince

Diwan of H.H. The Prime Minister
State Audit Bureau of Kuwait
Council of Ministers
Office Minister of State for The National Assembly
Removal of State Properties Violations and All Non-Permissable Aspects Committee
Central Tenders Committee
National Committee for Prisoners and P.O.Ws
Legal Advice and Legislation
National Security Apparatus
Government Performance follow up apparatus

Central Agency for Information Technology

General Secretariat of the Supreme council for Planning and Development
Central Statistical Office
Civil Service Commission
Manpower and Government Restructuring Program
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Finance
Kuwait Customs
Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Defense
National Guard
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Higher Education
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor
Ministry of Information
Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs
Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation
Ministry of Oil
Ministry of Electricity and Water
Ministry of Communication
Ministry of Public Works
National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters
Kuwait Airport
National Assembly
Municipality Council
Kuwait Municipality
Kuwait University

Public Authority for Civil Information

Kuwait Fire Service Directorate
Kuwait Investment Authority
Public Authority For Applied Education and Training
Public Authority for Minors Affairs
Public Authority For Agriculture and Fish Resources
Public Authority For Assessment of Compensation for Damage Resulting from Iraqi Aggression
Public Authority for Youth and Sports
Environment Public Authority
Credit and Saving Bank
Central Bank of Kuwait
Kuwait Airways
Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation
Public Authority for Housing Welfare
Public Institution for Social Security
Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)
Kuwait Port Authority
Kuwait Institute for Science Research
Zakat House
Public Authority for Industry
Kuwait Foreign Investment Bureau
Arab Planning Institute
Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry