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Interview Questions 1. What is your education philosophy? 2.

How do you work with parents and other members of the community? 3. What are your teaching strengths? Weaknesses? 4. What prompted you to want to become a teacher? 5. How do you meet student's individual needs in the classroom?

1. 2. I'm not sure what this question is asking, but...With the Golden Strings I'm regularly interacting with members of the community that invite us to perform. I have regular contact with parents through email and get to know several of the parents when they chaperone our many performances. 3. I feel my strengths are my clarity on expectations and directions and organization. I would like to better integrate technology into my teaching. 4. I've always known I wanted to teach. As a child I idolized my teachers and loved to play school. When I received a scholarship to UW-Madison for viola, music education seemed to be the most logical path for me. 5. I try to have performance assessments as much as I can with feedback. I also try to write comments to students in their notebook and talk with students before and after class.