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Golmen Gazette
Volume 3, Issue 31 April 27, 2012

The May character trait is

Friendliness and understanding to others

May 8 May 9


Science Fair Honor Choir Field Trip Field Day 4th Grade Talent show 1:00 4th Grade Celebration Last Day School of

On Monday, April 23, the students have their second Science Journal Check. ALL STUDENTS MUST have completed their science project at this time. On Monday, I will be checking their science notebooks for their data analysis and conclusions. Photos or drawings of their projects should be included to document the procedure as they go. Some students have already begun working on their boards, and they look amazing! I am excited to see them working hard and showing enthusiasm for science!!! Next week, students will have the last hour of each day to work on their science fair projects. We do have several other projects going on at this time, so they will have choice regarding what they work on.

Science Fair Check-In

May 11 May 14

May 15

Wow! What a year this has been! This is one of my favorite times of the year with the students because we get to do a lot of independent learning projects and I get the opportunity to see all of the growth that has occurred throughout the year. I am so impressed at the strong, independent, self-motivated learners that they are! You should be very proud of all that your child has accomplished this year. We have even started touching on some 5th grade math curriculum, and they are rocking it!!! Ask them about PEMDAS and exponents. They have been really excited to learn about them! Next Week

Mid-Quarter Grades

May 18

I will say this several times before the end of the year, but I want to thank you. You have all been an amazing and supportive group of parents, and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from and interact with you and your children!

Reading: Lewis and Clark and Westward Expansion Writing: Current Event Writing, Famous Missourians/Scientists Timeline Working with Words: were, terrible, whether, hole, thought, ceiling, conceit, receipt, perceive, deceive Math: Party-Planning Inquiry Project Social Studies: Famous Missourians/Scientists Timeline and Research Science: Continue working at home on Science Fair Project