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The GSM system for mobile communication Mouly & Marie- Bernadette Pautet

GSM system Engineering Asha Mehrotra (Artech House Publisher) Haug,T.,Developing GSM Standard pan-European Digital cellular Radio Conference, Nice France, 1991 Mouly M and pouted Marie-Bernadette, Current Evolution of the GSM System IEEEPersonal Communications, October 1995. Beddous E.W. GSM Network Architecture

GSM Seminar,Budapest,October 1990


www.delhi.mtnl.in http://www.mtnl.org

CONCLUSION After undergoing a practical training we concluded that on the basis of our theoretical knowledge we can develop any complex utility. In GSM Architecture I studied high functionality of seamless global roaming. In call processing I was taught about call origination and call termination. Also various new feature and services provided by the third generation.