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Naruto Storm M.U.G.E.N by RistaR87 - Configuration and Special Moves ======================================= 1. KEY CONFIG ; Important! Must Read!

======================================= PLAYER 1 Up Down Left Right A B C X Y Z Start Up (or U) Down (or J) Left (or H) Right (or K) A S D Q W E Enter Up Down Left Right A B C X Y Z Start PLAYER 2 Pad Pad Pad Pad / 8 7 9

Delete End PageDown Insert Home PageUp Pad 0

Note: If you don't like this Configuration go in OPTIONS and change it ---========================================= 2. SPECIAL MOVES ; Important! Must Read! ========================================= Down = D Forward = F Backward = B Note: DON'T FORGET THAT IN THIS GAME A, B and C ARE A, S and D, AND ALSO X, Y an d Z ARE Q, W and E !!! ----You can find the Special Moves for some chars in their folders in 'Readme.txt' or 'Movelist.txt' -If you don't. This could be helpful: Chakra Charge can be any single button (including Start/Enter), or Two Buttons p ressed together. Special Moves can be usually done when you have enough of chakra and press 'Down + Some Button', 'Down, Forward + Some Button', 'Down, Backward + Some Button' or Two Buttons pre ssed together. Sometimes even 'Down,Forward,Down,Forward + Some Button' or 'Down,Backward,Down,

Backward + Some Button' and rarely 'Down,Backward,Forward + Some Button' or 'Down,Forward,Backward + Som e Button'. The best way to learn Special Moves is to go to TRAINING mode and practice. ******************************************************** That's all you need to know. Enjoy and Happy playing! ;) ********************************************************