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Head Office: 21-25 Commerce Street Aberdeen, AB11 5FE, Aberdeen shire United Kingdom. Telephone: 00448712458266

JOB REFERENCE NO: Ref. No 011-007000-0011

Dear Aparna Sutradhar, Welcome to ABB Oil Corporation! With reference to your application and interview for employment pursuant to the service contract for System Administrator in this firm, we are pleased to confirm that you have been appointed on this day 17/11/2011 as one of the member of this Company for the 2011 employment in Scotland. Your commission has been forwarded to the employment roster ABB Oil Corporation 21-25 Commerce Street Aberdeen, AB11 5FE, Aberdeen shire Scotland United Kingdom. At this address is where you are to appear and qualify within the next 5 years as required by the law of this firm. You are appointed on the following terms and conditions. 1. Your initial place of posting will be at office at Aberdeen Shire Scotland United Kingdom as stated above. 2. We shall provide free accommodation that will not exceed six family members of your in our housing community for you throughout your work in ABB. 3. You have been officially offered to work as our System Administrator at the salary of 6,630 Pounds per Month with annual salary of 79,560 Pounds (6,102,081.23 INR) 4. The contract period with ABB is five years but renewable in every five years if you wish to continue with us. 5. You are expected to join us as early as possible as and not later than 18th February, 2012. 6. You shall be having 28 days vacation in every given 12 Months 7. We shall provide free medical/dental care in United Kingdom for you and your family. 8. We shall provide official vehicle/ Maximum security in work environment and housing community for you. It gives me great pleasure to make this offer letter with you and I am confident that your service and ability in performing the duties of this office will be to the advantage of the company and its people. The formal copy of this appointment letter and Company related documents (sponsorship letter) have been sent to the British High Commission in your Country as one of the supporting documents to process your visa. Remember that a limit of an average of 48 hours a week can be required to work, which is 8 hours work within 24 hours. And an in-work rest breaks. Furthermore, be you informed that you should proceed immediately to get your visa with the assistant of British Attach at British High Commission in your country and you are required to join us in United Kingdom on the 18th February, 2012 after the visa is issued to you. We are pleased to thank you for your concern in seeking international career with ABB Oil Corporation Scotland and hope you will have a lucrative and successful international career with us. You are required to sign off on the right hand side corner of this letter as a token of acceptance of our terms and condition and send the copy of it to British Attach, Mr. Richard Stag E- mail kcmgrichard@diplomats.com for visa procurement.

J.P Morgan Personnel Manager (ABB Oil Corporation)