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PULL THE PLUG As heard on LEPROSY isan Mass by Chuck Sebuldiner + Trance by SeEFPerein 1ed down one whole step (low to high: DG CF AD). ms high): DG CF. All pitches sound one winole step loser than written. are 5, obs a5 cS FES 5. +e as EER We BEE [A wore on 313) bs, 5 bbs. we os Contact Ge dpe PT loeb) ik 8 = — [B] vers @us.szn “a Mats tet tin wt ky ant waht ie tite they brow fit 1 heeft Sholee ot te cov daye Mt seame the years Wo say Metis swat ter tie thas So" fst fo fave year chase and ae Wt & De 5 bbs ibs 3 05) tevin ow a a z [Electors (27.38) noes) Fis os oe JUMHLAYION NSIC. ALL RIGICYS RESERVED. VSED BY PERAISSION PULL THE PLUG way A 9) FAS 3 : q i uc hr Hs os po 7 eee tom tis tons 9) ae swt deel? Fs 6s a = . : : . ——- _—— ae ae es DEATH IL PULL THE PLUG i Downs os.ae9 Te is ope why dort you © Bhs, 5 teat previ er) Lot ma : ort wanna Coating, ES 2 pase omy We Wis wy Bes ee ne = _——— 3 — aS Fe > esti) { =H ir Ea 2 ly RF 2 fou tines oe 38) : raed | 5s 5 ca i; g Faw ; a wn bre eee cee (3 6loe nit ay soe { ay ne fa ow a} os : fieey eles ; yt