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' METRIC PROPERTIES OF STRUCTURAL SHAPES wire DIMENSIONS ACCORDING TO ASTM AGM t k, |k cs i Ta x tw yo a by ‘Sites a a ‘Copymen 01992 by rca sie of Sel Coos Las De ee een le reraeed vam frm incisors tae, iso wipers fe ier “The information presente inthe pletion has ‘bem prepared in acerdance with revgnined engl ‘crt peeet and for general nformaton ‘nl. While fs Bleed oe cerat, the for ‘tan stould note wed or relied pon for ay specie spplaton without ometet protestonal ‘tamination and vera fe aecarsey sa {ty and applica bya competent lowed ae. fara engineer, arciect or other Heme profestnal. Publicion of the mater inti herein no intended a &reprsestation oe yar ‘anyon the part of the Ameriean Taste of Stel {Comirvtion or the Ameria Ion and Ste ns fate ora any ether person named Rein ha 8 Information i suitable forany general oe partelar he o af recom fomnftgement fay patent or Palen Ansone making wse of ls nfermtion a ome ell ssige om setae ‘Caution must be exeried when telyng upon aber Swcteations and cos dsp beth bis incomporate by reference heel ine such mi {eral mabe mated ame fos me te Sbseunt othe printing this eon, The Ina {te bears oo responsi fr such material other than to reer ofan incarpeate ty reerene ‘he eof the inl publeaton ahs eiton, sub ett th gnerl comments ert nthe posed Ingparagrap. AGUA Y ASOCIADOS SA. ‘Tae Onmibus Trade and Compettvenes Act of 1988 (Public Law 100-18) ona a section hich pues hat he U.S, designating the me sytem {the prefered mesuenet stem foe wade and commerce. The law sls he dof te cal yer 1992 ste dedi foreach goverment agency fo use {he mee sysem of menswear is procure, geal, abd Cer Usnessvelaed acts excep to the extent tha sack i spac oe likly wo cause sipifcantineliciencies. The Congres ald forthe Intercency ‘Commis on Mer Poloey (CMP) oavene ths tantin, AISC is cooperating with he Metication Operating Commitee (MOC) of the TEMP to implement the federal tson. As pao tis efor, AISC is Dropured these ables of metre properties of srctral shapes with dimensions {Even in ASTM Spocticason ACM, Stndand Spectcain for General Feqiremons for Roied Seat Paes, Shapes, Shet Piling ad. Bars for Sic Ue ACURA Y ASOCIADOS S.A, DIMENSIONS AND PROPERTIES (S1.UNITS) Page Nas STRUCTURAL SHAPES snipes ao sigs. os ‘STRUCTURAL TEES (WT, MT, 87). 1 DOUBLE ANGLES.. —— oT STEEL PIPE AND STRUCTURAL TUBING Sect Tag 3-36