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A few things first: 1) This is a competitive battling list.

The results shown are a representation o f how often the units are used competitively, how often they win, the competitiv e communities' opinion, and input from several users on the board on GFaqs. 2) Some units have changed drastically from the first GvG, either as a result of changes to the units themselves, or the implementation of the ND system and any other effects it brought (lowered damage, etc). 3) No placements for PSP exclusive units yet, but this is a sample of how your f avorite suit matches up with the rest. Keep in mind these rankings do not necessarily reflect the actual performance in -battle with any of these suits. This is a skill based game more than anything e lse. That said, don't expect too much out of the suits at the lower end. Results listed in no particular order within a given rank (ie. Destiny not necessarily over Turn A). 3000s S+: Destiny Turn A S: Qubeley Nu V2 A: Wing Zero Epyon Gundam X Freedom B: God Strike Freedom Turn X Unicorn C: DX 2000s S: Gundam Hyaku Shiki Deathscythe A+: Heavy Arms Impulse Exia A: Virtue

Sazabi Shining Hamma Hamma F91 B+: ZZ Virsago Akatsuki Tallgeese Master B: Zeta Mk-II Gedlav Spiegel Strike GP01 GP02 GP03 C: Nobel Qubeley Puru 2 1000s S+: Aegis Duel Vigna S: Gouf Custom Zaku Kai A: Ground Ez8 Victory Char's Zaku Guncannon B: Acguy Kamille's Mk-II Capool Alex C: Guntank Dom Qubeley Mk-II Kaempfer --AoS. Some things are worth waiting for.