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APPLICATION FOR ALLOTMENT OF NSP WEAPON Regd No ___________ (to be filled by OS-15A Army Headquarters)


(a) Personal No, Rank & Name (b) Arms/Services & Unit (c) Date of Commission/Seniority : (d) Date of Retirement (if finalised) (e) Permanent Home Address (f) Weapon required (g) Details of weapon already held with source of procurement and details of licence. (h) Whether in possession of an Arms Licence for the weapon applied for? If so, give details thereof. (j) Special reasons, if any

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: :


I certify that :(a) I have read the SAO 1/S/96, AO 227/75, SAO 6/S/81 and the Arms Act before applying for the weapon. (b) The weapon is required for my personal use. (c) It will not be sold/transferred to any person not entitled under the above SAO. (d) I am not in possession of any weapon allotted to me through Ordnance or transferred by any other entitled person.


(Signature of the Officer)



GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLICANTS 01. When a NSP Weapon is to be transferred, the transferer and the

transferee will be required to render the following info/documents to Ord Dte (OS-15A) for consideration of the case by SAC :(a) By Transferer. (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) Willingness to transfer the weapon to transferee. Xerox copy of the Ord Depot Issue Voucher of the Particulars of Weapon i.e, Regn no, Make & Type etc. Consideration amount for the Sale. If no documents at (ii) or (iii) is available then a certificate

Xerox copy of the allotment order of NSP Weapon. Weapon.

from the depot shall be obtained as per Appx `C attached. (b) By Transferee. (i) (ii) (iii) Willingness to accept the weapon from transferer at the Certificate that he/she is not already holding any NSP Certificate to be counter signed by transferee's IO/Superior

cost indicated. Weapon issued Ex Ordnance or transferred by any person. Officer. Director OS 15 OS Dte MGO's Branch Room No 5A B Block Army HQ New Delhi 110011