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5 Key Facts: 1.

In mercantilism, a nation should have a greater amount of exports over imports and keep the bullion in the nation because the international political economy is a zero-sum game. 2. Liberalism holds that an invisible hand controls the market and the producers should stick to their comparative advantage (or what they are better at making). 3. According to Marxism, change occurs due to economic class struggles and that communism ensures equality. 4. The key difference between the three political economies is that mercantilism focuses on resource scarcity, liberalism focuses on production of wealth, and Marxism focuses on distribution of wealth. 5. No country or system falls entirely under one type. (this could be a fun fact) 3 Fun Facts: 1. It was liberalism that led to formation of the Middle Class. 2. The Wealth of Nations, an important book to economics even today was written in 1776, the same year as American Independence. 1 Discussion Question: (not really the best question, but its all I could come up with) Liberalism (mixed with the other types) is the most dominant system; however do you believe that any nation with a solely liberal, mercantilist or Marxist system could thrive today?