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CLP Team Leaders Guide


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Information Sheets Guidelines for Speakers Relationship of the CLP with the LSS Mini Talk for Vocal Prayers Welcome Letters for New Members (CFC/Ministries)


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CLP Team Leaders Guide



The Team Leader must have:

1. FAITHFULNESS. He has to be reliable. He has to be the kind of person who can be counted on. If someone is entrusted to him, he will do his best to care for the person who has become his responsibility,

2. ABILITY. He has to be able to do the job well. He has to have both the Spiritual Gifts and the Natural Abilities to do what needs to be done.

3. QUALITIES OF A PASTOR. He is responsible for the program as a whole and for the care of the people in it. He has the role of an ELDER in a Christian Community. He is to be a teacher, a person who can instruct new people clearly and powerfully in the BASICS of Christian Life.

4. MATURITY AND A SOLID CHRISTIAN LIFE. His life should be marked by the same characteristics that St. Paul recommended for a bishop in (1 Tim. 3:17; Titus 1:7-9). He should be able to command the respect of those in the program.

5. TRAINING. He should have had experience in handling a CLP Discussion Group and in heading a Household Group. He must have given a CLP Talk or has been an Assistant CLP Team Leader.


1. To watch over the Program and to ensure that everything is going well.

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CLP Team Leaders Guide

2. To see to it that each person in the program is being cared for adequately.

3. To form the team members into a group of Brothers and Sisters with Unity of Spirit and an ability to work together as a team for the Lord.

4. To care for the team members and to help them learn to better serve the Lord, as they grow in their own commitment and love for the Lord.


Leading a CLP is real EVANGELISM. And this evangelism is Spiritual Warfare waged with Spiritual Weapons as well as Spiritual Gifts. The Team Leader needs to have:


Faith that this is God's work, and it is lie who will empower and strengthen those who serve. (2Cor 3:4-6)

Faith that Christ is with you, working through you, and speaking His words through you to change people, to convert their hearts (Mat. 28:20; Acts 1:8). Focus on His presence. Call upon Him always.

Faith that the words of the gospel carry extraordinary power. Have this conviction: Christ can covert any person and He uses the words of the gospel.


2Cor.5:14 - "The love of Christ impels us who have reached the conviction that since one died for us all, all died". The measure of our

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CLP Team Leaders Guide

desire, spiritual hunger, and eagerness to evangelize - this is the measure by which Cod can unleash the power of the Holy Spirit through us.

1Thes.1:5 - "Our preaching of the gospel proved not a mere matter of words for you but one of power; it was carried on in the Holy Spirit and out of complete conviction".

1Thes.2:1-12 - Be men of great love, sincerity, great patience, great affection.

conviction, great


1. Understand the person's situation.

Secular Environment: You need to set the tone. You need to get them into a different frame of mind. You need to plant faith. Testimonies and genuine friendship do a lot. So can songs and times of prayer.

State of Personal Transition : Dissatisfied, restless, anxious, hopeful, despairing, ambitious. Be in touch with it. Speak to it. Channel that energy to Christ.

Personal Relationship Problems: Loneliness, few deep personal relationships, not quite weaned from parents, trying to hold on or maybe get free.

Inadequate Notions of Christianity:

Identify them and speak about them.

2. Get to know people individually as much as possible through talking to each one individually, and through touching base briefly but frequently with the Discussion Group Leaders.

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CLP Team Leaders Guide

Don't be too removed, busy or anxious.

People will consider it a privilege to speak with you.

3. Keep an eye on the goals of each session and where people are at and could be. The dynamics of each session is in your hands to shape in a way that will best serve your people. Adjust them to help people move forward.

4. Keep a pulse on people changing, getting stubborn, on Spiritual Warfare, spiritual breakthroughs, conversions. Speak to it. Draw good things to everyone's attentions whenever possible.

5. Keep getting feedback from the Discussion Group Leaders, the Assistant Team Leader and other persons actively involved in the program.


1. The Team Leader needs to communicate with the team members about each specific situation that confronts them: The incident that happened last week, the problem that a person in the program is having now, the things they need to do in the next session, etc. Talk about each situation in a very concrete way. Come to a real oneness of mind about each specific situation. Of course, talk in a responsible way, with appropriate CONFIDENTIALITY. This kind of communication and discussion will develop in the Team Leader the Pastoral Discernment and judgment needed to be of real service to the people in the program.

2. The Team Leader as well as the Discussion Group Leaders, have to be constantly observing what the true situation is. Besides staying in communication with one another, they have to stay in open communication with the program participants. They have to ask directly what is happening to them in relation to the Lord and to the program. The team has to know what has happened to the participants in order to know what they need from the team.

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CLP Team Leaders Guide

3. The team has to communicate effectively about what is happening in the Discussion Groups, and this is done in the team meetings. These meetings should help teach us how to work better in the program, to train us to be master builders for Jesus Christ. Do not be afraid of the truth. Do not keep difficulties and problems to yourself. Discuss the work and its effects so that the team can keep on doing what has been done well, and change what has not been done well.


1. For the Participants, the CLP has three essential ingredients: The TALK (teaching), the GROUP DISCUSSION, and FELLOWSHIP. All thrice (3) are important for the success of the program and should be handled accordingly.

2. Furthermore, the other elements and dynamics of a CLP all contribute to attracting a participant to go on. Some are attracted by the talks, others by the discussions, still others by the songs, friendly atmosphere, care for strangers, prayerfulness, etc. Pursue everything with enthusiasm and faith, that God uses everything to accomplish His purpose in the CLP.


1. Immediate oversight of the CLP as a whole and the Team Leader in particular is done by the designated Supervising Unit Head, who is appointed and is himself overseen by the Chapter Head, in whose jurisdiction the CLP is conducted,

2. The Chapter Head should always be kept informed of developments in the CLP on a weekly basis, either by the CLP Team Leader or the Supervising Unit Head.

3. All questions and problems not readily handled by the Team Leader should be referred to the Supervising Unit Head for immediate action and resolution.

4. The Team Leader should eagerly seek the pastoral inputs of those overseeing his service. He should recognize the tremendous opportunity for personal growth that serving in the CLP affords him.

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CLP Team Leaders Guide



1. Qualifications (Please refer to CLP TEAM MANUAL)

2. Each participant should fill up an lnformation Sheet (Samples as per Annex A according to Ministry, CFC/blue, SFC/white, HOLD/yellow or gold, SOLD/green.)

3. All information sheets should be submitted to the Team Leader or any member of his team preferably a week before the CLP Orientation Session so they can be pregrouped and appropriate Discussion Leader can be assigned.

4. Ask the person recommending a certain couple or single participant to give some extra information for the use of the Team Leader or Discussion Leader, to help them in caring for the participants, or so that the team will have a firmer feel for where they are at. Very often, such information will involve personal problems, doubts, fears, anxieties, insecurities or preferences.

5. An ideal number for a CLP would be about 24-30 couples. However, depending on the circumstances, a CLP may be conducted with as few as 10 couples to as many as 50 couples. It will really depend on the number of Households who will be ready, (meaning, have taken the CLP Training) to serve.


1. One key to successful discussion groups is setting them up well, from the very beginning. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Now, there are TWO main PRINCIPLES to be followed here:

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CLP Team Leaders Guide

Put together persons who can interact well as a whole.

Appoint a Discussion Leader who can best relate with the group. One who can really help each member in the best possible way.

2. Set up the discussion groups AFTER the ORIENTATION Session. Use the Attendance Sheet for that session, You may add to it the people who were not able to attend, but who have committed to attend next time. Get feedback from those who recommended them, Make sure you already have a TENTATIVE GROUPING before Talk #1 starts.

3. Each Discussion Group should ideally have 4-5 people, minus the leader. Men must be grouped separately from women. If you are training future discussion leaders, you may include them with the group as "Assistant Discussion Group Leaders" but they must remain silent and not join the discussion unless asked to by the Discussion Leader from time to time.

4. Group people together according to some common denominator such as :

Age - Much older people can be grouped together. So too with very young people. As a general guide, the age difference between the oldest and youngest member of the group should not exceed 10 years.

Education - Those with College Degrees are more comfortable with other more educated people and vice-versa.

Geographical Location of Residence - Grouping people living in and around a particular area comes in very handy specially for follow ups. Again when they are finally grouped into Households, it comes in handy.

Position in Business - Top level. executives relate much better with their peers.

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CLP Team Leaders Guide

Spiritual Background - You may group together people who are already in the Renewal . In that way they feel more comfortable with each other and be able to move forward faster during the CLP.

Others - Play these by ear.

Obviously, groupings will not be so quitely clear-cut. The common denominators mentioned are just guides. Use your own judgment under the influence of the Holy Spirit. In other words, PRAY ABOUT IT.

5. Group the participants together first, then choose the leader who will best relate to the group. Take note also of the wives.

6. Grouping people together takes time, study, prayer and discernment as well. Apply yourself adequately to the task. Your initial effort will prove its value throughout the program. Pray. Be humble. Come to the Lord's presence always and pray.

7. Depending on the actual turnout during the first talk, there may be a need to regroup or make adjustments for the second talk. After the second talk only minor adjustments will have to be done. Normally, the attendance stabilizes by the third talk.

8. Provide the Discussion Group Leaders with xerox copies of Information Sheets of those assigned to them. Relay to them whatever additional information has been provided by those who recommended them.

Note: Make it clear to them that being a Discussion Leader will not automatically mean you will be a Household Head after the CLP.


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CLP Team Leaders Guide

1. The CLP is usually held in the home of a CFC member, This is done in order to emphasize the importance of the Christian Family (the Domestic Church) and the Christian Home. This also provides a relaxed social setting to the activities. Parishbased CLPs, however, are held in the Parish Church or in the Parish Hall.

2. The main consideration for choosing a venue are:

Size is the floor area adequate enough to conduct the Talks and Discussions without much disturbance?

Location. is it centrally located and/or accessible?

Conduciveness to Program Activities. neighborhood quiet? Is it safe?






3. The 9th Session (prayers for Baptism in the Holy Spirit) as much as possible should be held in a church or chapel . If circumstances prevent you from doing so, then the venue must be prepared accordingly


1. The following are needed for each CLP session:

* * * * * *

Lectern for the Speaker A good Sound System Taping System and BlankTapes. CLP Songsheets (standard w/30 songs) Talk Handouts for the participants & Discussion Leaders Book Table (for books listed as "suggested reading")

Page : 10

CLP Team Leaders Guide

Attendance Sheet(s)- if the ministries are included in the CLP being conducted, then Information Sheets must be made available and color coded. Name Tags - also color coded if CLP with ministries for quick identification and grouping adjustments. Blank Information Sheets (for those who have not submitted theirs beforehand) Snacks Emergency Lights - in case of power failure A room for young children and available Baby sitters. Video and Tapes to entertain the children

* * * * *

2. Snacks are normally simple, consisting of one Solid and one Liquid, and within the budget set by the Chapter. Possible exceptions would be for the 9th and 12th sessions.


1. The actual teaching in the CLP is done through the Talks.

2. Speakers are taken from the ranks of the CFC members only. CFC and its Ministries may use one anothers speakers during certain situations, except for the youth Only YFC speakers speak at their Youth Camps (their version of CLP).

3. Speakers are chosen by consensus between the Team Leader and the Supervising Unit Head, subject so the approval of the Chapter Head or whoever is acting as Chapter head to the CFC group conducting the CLP.

More experienced speakers are normally fielded for the FIRST MODULE.

For the Dedication Talk, since it includes the official acceptance of new members into the body, an Elder handles the talk.

Page : 11

CLP Team Leaders Guide

4. All talks except those to be given by experienced speakers should be previewed and screened. This is done by letting the speaker give the talk to a selected audience, such as the Chapter Head and/or the Team Leader. This will be a time for constructive and brotherly criticism, with the goal of coming up with a talk that is clear, powerful, up-building and inspirational, free of anything that might be taken negatively by the participants.


The expanded Talk Outline is the talk itself. The speaker merely needs to FLESH it out.

Avoid the temptation of putting a lot of other materials into the talk, no matter how interesting or seemingly helpful. This might just obscure the basic message of the talk, or overlap with the other talks. Our talk outlines have been tried and tested for the effects needed.

6. Talks may be given by an individual or by a Husband & Wife team. Both men and women may give talks. However, the following talks are reserved for men only : ORIENTATION, TALK 4, TALK 11, and TALK 12. Furthermore the majority of CFC/CLP talks must be given by men.

7. Guidelines for preparing talks:

Before putting together your talk, read the outline, understand and internalize the message and then pray about it. Continue to offer your talk to the Lord in your prayer time. If any point is unclear, take it up with CFC elders. Use normal language. Avoid using jargons like "praise Cod", "Hallelujah", "I was edified" or "the lord spoke to me. Be conversational.

* *

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CLP Team Leaders Guide

Make simple, not complex points. Make them clearly stated, not hinted. Say what you need to say. It is possible to become too simple or too blunt. Base your statements from the Bible. Quote the scriptures, paraphrasing them if necessary to make the point. Use examples and stories from your own experience. Avoid arguments, controversies, and criticism of others. Do not moralize or be preachy. Do not talk down to your listeners. Simply witness to the power of God. Keep the talk disciplined to the goals of the session.

* * *

8. Keep the talks within the 45 minutes allocated for each one.

9. Give each speaker

(a) (b) (c)

the Schedule of Talks for the whole CLP (date, topic & speaker), an Expanded Outline of his talk and the "Guidelines for Speakers" (Annex B).

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CLP Team Leaders Guide




1. In the CLP, we are doing God's work, and success can be achieved only under the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit. Thus, we have to come before the Lord and put our work in His hands throughout the program.

We need to pray: before we go to the sessions at the pre-session Team Meeting at the start of the session prior to the talk before and after the group discussion (by the group leader) before the snacks (we bless the food) at the closing of the session right after the fellowship. before and after the post-session Team Meeting.

2. Always ask your speakers to arrive early so that your team can pray over them.

3. The Team Leader leads the prayers. At times however, he may delegate this to the assistant team leader, and others as well

4. We utilize different forms of prayer during the CLP. We do this in order not to make the participants (some of whom are not regular church goers or have been away for some time) uncomfortable. Thus, our communal prayers at the start of each session vary as follows:

During Module I - The Team Leader asks the people to stand and he recites a short prayer. NO CHARlSMATIC PRAYERS.

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CLP Team Leaders Guide

During Module II - The rest of the team as well as the participants now begin to get involved in the prayers by way of short prayers of thanksgiving and petitions as introduced by the Team Leader at the start of Module 11. During Module III - A Mini-Teaching about Verbal Prayer and Raising of Hands is given. Then the session starting Module III begins with full Charismatic Prayers. After the Prayer Session (Baptism in the Holy Spirit) everyone is asked to stand for Worship and Thanksgiving. This time, the participants are led to Singing in Tongues for the first time,

5. Normally our prayers during the CLP are ecumenically sensitive, and thus are not overtly "Catholic", especially when there are non-catholics among the participants. In parish settings however, very Catholic prayers are said.


1. The team members must be at the CLP venue at the time designated by the team leader.

They must all be present for the pre-session team meetings and prayers before the sessions proper. They must be there ahead of the participants, ready to welcome and take care of those who are in their discussion group.

2. The team members must arrange their schedules especial during the CLP days in such a way that they are not pressed for time nor unnecessarily hassled by the day's activities. They should in fact provide enough time for them to come before the Lord individually and prepare themselves spiritually for the task at hand.

3. Start on time. End on time.


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CLP Team Leaders Guide

1. Since the CLP is an integrated course for renewal, all the sessions are important. Thus, the CLP participants must be present in all the sessions.

2. In the event husband or wife is unable to attend, the spouse should be encouraged to attend by himself/herself.

3. We do recognize that there could be very good reasons for absences. So, we allow not more than one absence for the first module, and not wore than three absences for the entire CLP. Absences however, have to be made up by listening to the taped talk and going over the discussion starters with the leader concerned. If the absences are not made up, the participant will need to repeat the CLP.

4. Exceptions to the above can be made only in extreme cases, and only with the approval of the Chapter Head. To grant the exception, you need to see that the participant(s) is/are very eager to go on with the CLP and that the reasons are valid.

5. The Discussion Group Leader should call or visit absentees and find out why. Always reach out to the participants.

6. Make up sessions (listening to the tape) must be done before the next session.

7. You should be strict in the implementation of these rules on absences. This is for the good of CFC as a whole. There will always be another CLP for people to join, if they are really genuinely interested.


1. Team members are to dress appropriately and modestly, they should model to the participants what is acceptable attire.

Page : 16

CLP Team Leaders Guide

2. Team members who still smoke must not smoke at any time during the CLP. Smoking for team members is strictly prohibited during prayers, during the talks proper inside the venue, and during the discussion group meeting.

3. Team members should mingle with the participants and keep to themselves.

4. Avoid any behavior (such as talking among yourselves) which disturb the participants especially during the talks or sharings.

5. As usual, name tags are to be worn by CFC members at all times.


1. The chronology is as follows:

a. The Music Ministry teaches the- participants some songs while waiting for the session to start formally.

b. Team Leader introduces himself, welcomes the participants, and invites everyone to stand.

c. A song is sung, after which the Team Leader says a short opening prayer.

d. The participants are then asked to be seated. The Team Leader may say a little bit about CFC, the team, the facilities, what to expect this evening, etc. However keep it short. Meaning not more than 5-7 minutes.

e. The speaker is introduced and gives his talk.

Page : 17

CLP Team Leaders Guide


The speaker or the Team Leader (as arranged before the talk) calls the sharers for the evening.

g. The Team Leader and/or the speaker preside over an open forum

h. Closing Remarks if any, Closing Song and Prayers, then;


Bless the food and have the fellowship.


Team Meeting

2. Guidelines for sharing:

a. Normally it is a couple sharing although just one of them may share. It is also acceptable for a man and a woman, not necessarily husband and wife, to share.

b. Sharing for both (husband & wife) must not exceed 20 minutes.

c. The sharing should focus on what the CLP or CFC has done that has made a difference in their lives. It should involve a "before and "after" situation. Sharings must be previewed.

d. The sharing MUST NOT be a teaching.

e. Preview and screening of sharings must be done by the Team Leader or the Unit Head of the sharers.

Note. The CLP Team Leader must make sure that the above guidelines are strictly adhered to.

Page : 18

CLP Team Leaders Guide

3. Guidelines for the Open Forum:

a. It is suggested that blank sheets of paper be given to the participants for them to write their questions on. Usually, they are shy and do not-want to stand up to ask questions.

b. If there is no initial response to our offer to answer questions, do not immediately close the open forum portion. At this point, the Team Leader or the Speaker can start taking up matters that are normally asked during Orientation Sessions.

c. Avoid getting into any theological or intellectual. discussions. You can offer to take up such questions during the fellowship, but stress the nature of the CLP which precludes such directions. The CLP is experiential, not an-intellectual exercise.

4. Guidelines for the Closing Remarks:

a. Thank the participants for being there and exhort them to return for the next session.

b. Say that we are only asking them to commit for the first module, that is, the next 4 sessions. After that, they are free to choose whether to go on or to stop.

c. Exhort them to bring their Bibles to the sessions. If they do not have one, suggest Bibles such as the New American Bible (NAB), the New Jerusalem Bible (NJB) or Good News Catholic Edition Bible (GNB).

d. Give details for the next meeting/session --- venue, time, etc.

Page : 19

CLP Team Leaders Guide

e. You may decide to have the Closing Song/Prayers and Blessing over the food together at this time, so that the participants can have an open-ended fellowship and leave whenever they may want to.


1. Team Meetings are held after every session in order to assess the conduct of the session, to receive feedback on (tile situation of the participants, and to give input to the Discussion Group Leaders as needed.

Note: Specific items are enumerated in the "Checklist" below.

2. The men and women of the team meet together. The Team Leader handles the meeting.

3. Each Discussion Group Leader gives a brief report on what transpired. Names of participants are never - mentioned during the reporting. Details are given only when asked for by the Team Leader. Reports should not exceed 2 minutes.

4. In the Team Meeting, we only want to asses the overall situation, therefore, individual problems are left to one-to-one meetings between the Team Leader and the Discussion Group Leader.

Page : 20

CLP Team Leaders Guide


1. Session No. 1

(A) Team Meeting prior to session (at least 30 minutes before the actual session) Always start on time to end on time.

(1) Start with a short prayer. (2) Give out the group assignments and the data sheets of group members, if it has not been previously done. (3) If available, assign trainees for Discussion Group Leader to the various groups. (4) Resolve any question or problem with regard to the Team Manual. (5) Remind the team not to engage in Charismatic Prayers. No raising of hands. No singing in tongues. (6) Close with an extended period of group prayer and intercession for the program. the team and the participants. (7) Pray Over the Speaker and Sharers, if any.


During the Talk:

(1) Regroup participants based on the present attendance. (2) Inform the Group Leaders accordingly.


After the Talk:

(1) Announce the discussion groupings. (2) Give each leader a list of his/her members.

Page : 21

CLP Team Leaders Guide


After the Discussion:

(1) Ask everyone to go back to their respective seats, (bring the chairs back if they used it during the discussion) (2) Instruct the Music Ministry/Minister to sing a gathering song while participants are going back to their respective places, Ask participants to join in. (3) Ask people to stand and the pray over the food.

(E)After the Snacks:

(1) Announce, if you have, the availability of books and Bibles in the - Book Table. (2) Exhort the participants to own their own Bible. (3) Briefly go over the handout. Explain the meaning of the Biblical references, i.e. book, chapter, verse. Encourage daily Scripture reading, using the readings listed in the Talks Handout. (4) Exhort people to be punctual for the next session. (5) Closing Prayer and Send Off Song.

(F) Team Meeting After the Session:

(1) Go over the list of absentees and instruct the group leaders to follow them up, preferably in coordination with those who recommended them. (2) Hear the report of each DCL. (3) Remind the team about the need for punctuality. Note: There will no longer be any extended Pre-Session Meetings for the succeeding weeks. (4) Remind the team of the need for them to be faithful to their own daily prayer time and Bible reading;. Also, that they need to fast for the participants. Tell them to study the TEAM MANUAL prior to every session.

Page : 22

CLP Team Leaders Guide

(5) Instruct the team to follow up on each of their members during the week and to exhort then to attend the next session. (6) Give a copy of the handout for the next session to each of the DCL so they can study it in advance. Then END WITH A SHORT PRAYER.

2. SESSION No. 2


Team Meeting Prior To Session:

(1) Start with prayers. (2) Resolve any questions or problems with regard to the TEAM MANUAL in relation to the talk and/or -the goals of the session. (3) Close with a short prayer. (4) Pray Over the Speaker.


Team Meeting After The Session:

(1) After a short prayer, go over the list of absentees and instruct the group leaders to follow them up. If necessary, continue to do it in coordination with those who recommended them. (2) Drop from the list all those who now have been absent from both sessions 1 and 2. (3) Check if make-up sessions for the FIRST TALK were held. (4) Listen to the report of each group and give inputs. (5) lnstruct the leaders to follow up each of their members during the week. Remind them to tell those who have had one absence not to be absent again during MODULE ONE so that they will not have to repeat the CLP. (6) End with a short prayer after telling the team to continue with their prayers and fasting for the team and the participants.

Page : 23

CLP Team Leaders Guide

3. SESSION No. 3


Team Meeting Prior To Session:

(1) Start with prayers, (2) Resolve any questions or problems with regard to the TEAM MANUAL in relation to the talk and/or the goals of the session. (3) Close with a short prayer (4) Pray Over the Speaker.


Team Meeting After The Session:

(1) After a short prayer, go over the list of absentees and instruct group leader to follow them up. (2) Hear the report of each group. (3) Check if make-up sessions for the first and second talks were held. Tell the Group Leaders that all the make-up sessions will have to be finished within the coming week, because the week after the 4th Session will have to be devoted to the INDIVIDUAL MEETINGS (one-on-one). (4) lnstruct all the Group Leaders to encourage every participant to have their own Bible. That is if they still do not have any. (5) End with a short prayer.

4. SESSION No. 4


Team Meeting Prior To Session;

(1) Resolve any questions or problems with regard to the Team Manual in relation to the talk and/or the goals of the session.

Page : 24

CLP Team Leaders Guide

(2) Remind them of the Individual Meetings (one-or-one) for the coming week. They should make definite schedules with their members during the group discussion period. (3) Close with a short prayer. (4) Pray Over the Speaker.


Team Meeting After The Session:

(1) After a short prayer, listen to the reports of each group. (2) Check absentees and make-up sessions. (3) Reiterate the importance of the Individual Meetings. Also stress the need to take up with the Team Leader problems that may surface during their one-onones. (4) Go over the List of Wrongdoings and make sure that the team understands it well. Be ready to discuss why people need to turn away from SOM, TM, YOGA, MASONRY, the OCCULT and others. (5) Inform them that the Team Meeting prior to the session next week will be held 30 minutes earlier in order to discuss the results of their one-on-one meetings. (6) Remind the team to continue to pray, fast and intercede for their discussion group members. (7) End with a short prayer

5. SESSION No. 5


Team Meeting Prior To Session: (30 minutes earlier than usual)

(1) Start with a short prayer,

Page : 25

CLP Team Leaders Guide

(2) Listen to the report of each leader regarding their one-on-one. Note down each problem for resolution at a later time privately with the concerned leader. (3) Resolve any questions or-problems with regard to the Team Manual in relation to the talk and/or the goals of the session. (4) lnform them that during this session, the groups will be participating in the opening prayers. The team must support the leaders by participating actively as well. (5) Make group adjustments, if at all necessary. (6) Close with an EXTENDED PERIOD of GROUP PRAYER for Module II of the CLP. (7) Pray Over the Speaker.


Prior To The Talk:

(1) Welcome the participants to Module II of the program and encourage them. (2) Briefly RECAP what happened in Module I, by going over the progression of the Talks. Give brief preview of Module II. (3) Stress the importance of PRAYER and SCRIPTURE. (4) Introduce individual Prayers of Thanksgiving and Petition. Give a very brief exhortation on this. (5) Ask everyone to stand to sing an opening song, then proceed to individual prayers of thanksgiving and petition.


Items 1 to 4 not more than 10-15 minutes. Item 5 - not more than 07-10 minutes.


Team Meeting After The Session:

(1) After prayers, listen to the reports of each group.

Page : 26

CLP Team Leaders Guide

(2) End with a short prayer.

6. Session Nos. 6 & 7


Team Meeting Prior To Session:

(1) After prayers, resolve any questions or problems with regard to the Team Manual in relation to the Talk and/or the goals of the session. (2) Remind them to continue actively participating in the opening prayers. (3) Close with a short prayer. (4) Pray Over the Speaker.


Team Meeting After The Session:

(1) After prayers, hear the report of each group. (2) End with a short prayer.

7. SESSION No. 8


Team Meeting Prior To Session:

(1) After prayers, resolve any questions or problems with regard to the Team Manual in relation to the Talk and/or the goals of the session. (2) Remind the team about the INDIVIDUAL MEETINGS (2nd One-on-One) for the coming week. They must set definite schedules with their members during the discussions. (3) Close with a short prayer. (4) Pray Over the Speaker.

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CLP Team Leaders Guide


Team Meeting After The Session:

(1) After prayers, hear the report of each group. (2) Reiterate the importance of the Individual Meetings, and the need to have them as early as possible within the coming week. (3) In detail, go over the GUIDE for the ONE-ON-ONE in the Team Manual and make sure it is understood well. The 2nd one-on-one is crucial. (4) Remind them to refer any problem immediately to the them NOT TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT SESSION. Team Leader. Tell

(5) Check if all leaders have PRAYER PARTNERS for next week's session. They should meet with their partners prior to the Prayer Session next week in order to go over, discuss and coordinate the entire activity. One prayer partner for each leader is enough. (6) Remind the team of the greater potential for satan's attacks on themselves and on the participants as we near the day for Baptism. STRESS THE NEED FOR CONTINUED SPIRlTUAL WARFARE. Pray, fast, read God's word, study, go to Mass and receive the Eucharist often. (7) End with an extended prayer.

8. SESSION No. 9


Team Meeting Prior To Session:

(1) After prayers, resolve any questions or problems with regard to the Team Manual in relation to the Talk and/or the goals of the session. (2) Inform the team that we will start this time to do Vocal Prayers (simultaneous praising) and Raising of hands. The team members should support the Team Leader by going in front where the participants can see them actively and joyfully PRAISING GOD with all their might. (3) Resolve any questions or problems with regard to the Prayer Session. (4) Go over the Chronology of the prayer session including the location and sitting arrangements for praying over.

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CLP Team Leaders Guide

(5) Remind the team that praying over each individual should not go over 10-12 minutes. (6) Remind them to continue praying after they are finished with all their members. To refrain -from talking to each other. Pray and join the singing. All others present should maintain a solemn and prayerful atmosphere. (7) Inform the team of the total available time for the session. A good rule to follow is: Number of participants in the biggest Discussion Group x 15 minutes. Leaders must be sensitive to the time frame. (8) Have a period of GROUP INTERCESSION for the team as well as for the participants. (9) Pray Over the Speaker. (10)Make certain the MUSIC MINISTRY is all set up and have agreed on the songs to be sung.


Prior To The Main Talk:

(1) Ask the people to stand and join the Music Ministry in a GATHERING SONG. Then ask them to sit down. (2) Welcome the participants to MODULE III of the CLP. (3) Briefly recap what transpired in Modules I & II and give a brief preview of Module III. (4) Give the MINI-TALK on Vocal Prayers/Raising of Hands (see Annex C) (5) Start the Opening Prayers. Do FULL CHARISMATIC PRAYERS.


Items 2 & 3 - not more than 12-15 minutes. Item 4 Item 5 - not more than 15-20 minute - about 7-8 minutes.


Prayer Session After The Main Talk:

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CLP Team Leaders Guide

(1) Explain the procedure. (2) Songs, (3) Prayer of commitment to Christ (4) Start continuos singing/music. (5) Discussion Leaders get their members one by one from their seats and pray over them. (6) When everyone has been Prayed With, teach them about singing in tongues. Then have a short Worship Time. * * * * * * Sing a song of praise (a fast song) Do simultaneous verbal praising & thanksgiving. Sing a song of worship (a slow worshipful song) Sing in tongues. Do Prayers of thanksgiving. Closing Song.

(D) (1)

Team Meeting After Session: After prayers, go over the results of the prayer session. Ask each leader to share.

(2) Tell the team to follow up on those who were not "touched" by the prayer session or who had negative impressions. They should explain further, reassure and exhort. (3) End with prayers.

9. SESSION No. 10


Team Meeting Prior to Session:

(1) After prayers, resolve any questions or problems with regard to the Team Manual in relation to the Talk and/or the goals of the session.

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CLP Team Leaders Guide

(2) Remind the team to actively participate in the opening Charismatic Prayers. They should stand infront so that the participants will see and follow them. (3) Close with a short prayer. (4) Pray over the speaker.


Team Meeting After The Session:

(1) After prayers, hear the report of each group. (2) End with a short prayer.

10. SESSION No. 11


Team Meeting Prior to Session:

(1) After prayers, resolve any questions or problems with regard to the Team Manual in relation to the Talk and/or goals of the session. (2) Remind the team to actively participate in the opening Charismatic Prayers, Again stand infront, (3) Close with a short prayer. (4) Pray over the Speaker.


After the Talk

(1) Hand out copies of our Statements of Mission & Philosophy together with the Covenant Sheet to the participants. If there are participants for the other Ministries, do the same for them. Give Regular Handouts too. (2) Exhort the participants to seriously think and pray about the commitment they will undertake next week.

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CLP Team Leaders Guide


Team Meeting After the Session:

(1) After prayers, hear the reports of each group. (2) Inform the team they may invite other CFC members next week for the Dedication. (3) End with a short prayer.


Within The Week:

(1) Prepare the Official CFC I.D. , tags/cards. (2) Prepare the Dedication Folders/Envelopes to be given to the new members, basically consisting of the following: * * * * * * Welcome Letter from the CFC Council (Appendix E) Commitment Cards/I.D. Cards Lord's Day Booklet/Bible Reading Guide (1 per couple) Letter and List of Books to read (3 years) CFC or Ministries Car Sticker (1 per Couple) CFC Guidelines for Business Dealings (Complete List in Appendix F)

(3) Work out the Household Groupings in consultation with the Supervising Unit Read and Chapter Head. Submit recommendations for Household Head to the Chapter Head for FINAL APPROVAL.

11. SESSION No. 12


Team Meeting Prior to Session:

(1) After prayers, resolve any questions or problems with regard to the Team Manual in relation to the Talk and/or the goals of the session. (2) Go over the Chronology of the Dedication Ceremony,

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CLP Team Leaders Guide

(3) Arrange the role of the Music Ministry and the songs to be sung as well. (4) Close with a short prayer. (5) Pray Over the Speaker,


After the Dedication Ceremony:

(1) Set the Lord's Day Celebration and Entertainment Night on a Saturday, about a week from today. Give details of VENUE, TIME. etc., (2) Inform them to prepare Group Presentations. (3) Tell the participants that they will be formed into Households which may not necessarily be their Discussion Groups. Also Discussion Leaders are not automatically Household Heads, (4) Encourage participants to subscribe to Word Among Us as a help for Christian growth. (5) Fellowship.


Team Meeting After the Session,

(1) After the prayers check if everyone made the Commitment. (2) Go over the results of the whole CLP. (3) Solicit comments, suggestions, criticism, and feedback. (4) End with Extended Prayers of Praising & Thanksgiving.

12. The Lord's Day Celebration & Entertainment Night.

(1) CFC Elders and other Unit Members may be invited to this evening. (2) A Mini-Teaching on the Lord's Day and the role it plays in the life of the family must be given.. CFC

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CLP Team Leaders Guide

(3) During the Main Meal, some participants may be called to share about their CLP experience. (4) After the Closing Prayers of the Lord's Day the entertainment and group presentations may begin. (5) Before closing the evening, announce the Household Groupings. The Heads of the new households must right after the announcement meet with their members to decide on their Regular Meeting Day, first venue and other details. Regular Meetings start next week.


1. Settle all CASH ADVANCES made to CFC or to INDIVIDUAL members.

2. Make sure the CHAPTER SERVANT or CLP SERVANT has made arrangements for the proper disposition of all CFC or borrowed MATERIALS and/or EQUIPMENT used in the CLP, like chair, sound systems, songbooks, books, etc.

3. Pass on all relevant comments, suggestions, feedback to the Chapter Head, Area Head and Country Coordinator.

4. Submit a Financial Report in writing to the CFC Office, including the Information Sheets and final Household groupings for input into Computer Data Base. Make sure the names of the new Household/Unit Heads are included.

5. Make sure the new members are all properly placed in households and that they start meeting one week after the Lord's Day Celebration.

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