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Yelly Andriani Barlian 1103140

Lack of competence in English speaking skill in a higher

education level Confusion in teaching pronunciation Some techniques given by the teachers are not effective enough

How effective the using of phonetic chart through

audio visual media in improving the students English pronunciation is How the media affect the students pronunciation?

To know the effectiveness of using phonetic chart

audio visual media in improving students English pronunciation To find out how the media affect the students pronunciation

The students: Having better English pronunciation

and motivating them to be more independent in learning pronunciation The teachers: Teaching English pronunciation effectively The institution: Having students who are able to communicate properly in English

Pronunciation (Horby,1995:670): The way in which a

word is pronounced Phonetic Chart was devised by the International Phonetic Association as a standardized representation of the sounds of spoken language and it is used by foreign language students and teachers (Wikipedia) Audio-visual media: instrument consisting audio and visual components. Print media: A medium that disseminates printed matter

The participants are art and design tertiary students in

the first semester, more or less 40 students Data instruments: pre-test and post-test Video tape Questionnaire Interview

Two variables

Independent sample t- test