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Training Manual of Panel (CCFL & LED)

CCFL Lamps Appearance

U-shapes lamps

straight lamps

M-shapes lamps

Inverter Board
Power supply voltage board and inverter board is one PCB Inverter board

TFT-LCD Imaging Principle

1:Scan IC transmission signal 2:Driver IC transmission imaging control signal 3:When one sub-pixel cut-off, the sub-pixel cannot get light to show black. 4:If sub-pixel cut-off ,but light through the color filter and display color 5:After the synthesis of light effects, the display can produce color effects.

Color filter

TFT-LCD Imaging Principle

TFT-LCD Imaging Principle

CCFL backlight LCD TV

CCFL is not produce display signals , only provide light source. Inverter board is a DC to AC converter. It is low-voltage DC convert into high-

voltage AC, and supply to light up CCFL lamps.

4unit CCFL small size LCD TV

Lots of CCFL big size LCD TV

CCFL Parameters
Parameter Symbol Min Operating Voltage VBL 655 Values Type 685 Max 805 VRMS Unit

Operating Current






Starting Voltage(at 0 C)




Operating Frequency






Power Consumption





Inverter parameters(size:24)
Item input voltage operate frequency dimming voltage lamp current Operating voltage Start-up voltage start-up time symbol Vin foper Vdim V kHz V unit 9 40 0

MIN TYP. 12 50 MAX 16 80 5


Anode or cathode dimming

Ilamp Vlamp

mArms Vrms


7.5 700

8.0 880 I lamp=7.5mA



1250 1650

Ta = 25 C Ta = 0 C 3


CCFL Operate Voltage Waveform

CCFL lamp light, the voltage drop large, sine waveform change some distortion CCFL operate voltage is 765V,normal CCFL operate voltage is 600V---800V,start voltage is as high as 1500V1800V


Distortion sine waveform

Block Inverter Diagram


Brightness adjustment

CCFL and LED Dimming

LED dimming pricinple(PWM mode) Vadj out Vadj Imax CCFL dimming pricinple(Analog mode) fb out Imax inverter



Duty Duty

cycle regarding large dimming out inverter Imax

cycle regarding large dimming out inverter Imax Vadj fb




cycle regarding small dimming


cycle regarding small dimming

LED Chip Structure

LED Chip Structure

White LED structure

Large area phosphor layer From LED From phosphor layer

High Brightness LED Structure

LED Advantages
Low power consumption Extremely long lifetime Very low early failure rate Smallest Shockproof Does not produce UV radiation Or intermediate frequency

Low power Light through the optical lens transmitted out High color efficiency Low voltage


By a number of independent white LED light strip solder into the PCB (or aluminum plate) Installed in the frame on the screen (the side, both sides or multilateral) Light of the length and the number of LED lamps according to the size of screen size varies The LED light on the many uses of the series (some machines will be used in parallel or seriesparallel hybrid) connected A single light on one or more strings of LED Require specialized multi-string LED constant current driver circuit to drive

LED TV Structure

Brightness and the startup time

600.00 500.00 500.00 400.00




200.00 100.00 0.00 1 172343514685856 027 1369 1711 2053 1 1198 1540 1882




0.00 1 38 75112 186 260 334 408 482 556 149 223 297 371 445 519

Light remote control interference
CCFL Spectrum LED Spectrum

CCFLneed additional start-up high voltage,stimulate mercury vapor. LEDThe use of stable DC power supply, no additional start-up highvoltage

LED TV And LCD TV Differences

LED TV and LCD TV's biggest difference is the different use of the backlight

LCD TV uses CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) lamps, CCFL drawback is that lifetime
is short compared with LED and CCFL using raw materials containing mercury, mercury pollution of the environment is a big injury

LED TV: LED backlight that is used LED lamps. The disadvantage is higher the cost of LED than CCFL , but lifetime is longer compared than the CCFL, and the mercury-free, less environmental damage


LED and CCFL Backlight Compare

Environmental protection(Material does not contain mercury) Currently CCFL light efficiency of 60 to 100lm / w Currently LED light effect can be achieved about120lm / w Low power, Follow-up development can be achieved higher long lifetime(Up to 100,000 hours) support collor is very wide:excellent display color DC driver, Easy to dynamically adjust the brightness safety: CCFL high-voltage drivers, LED drivers only need low-voltage CCFL for the fragile glass products, LED chips for the semiconductor solid-state

LCD Panel Block Diagram

T-CON Board Introduction

Inverter Board Introduction

TFT-LCD Block Diagram

Power In for Inverter
Backlight inverter


Data In (LVDS)

Timing Controller


Gamma Reference Voltages


Source Drivers

Power In for signal

Gate Drivers

Power Converter
(DC/DC Converter)


Timing Controller
SSC : Spread Spectrum Clock
EEPROM Input Signal DE Mode Only RGB 24bit Data Clock SSC

Data Controller RSDS Rx

L V D S T x


Front RSDS Data Back RSDS Data





Memory Controller

ACC : Accurate Color Capture DCC : Dynamic Capacitance Compensation

Memory (DDR)

Control Signal & Gate Signal

LVDS Signal Format

LVDS Signal RxIN0 Input Data RxOUT0 RxOUT1 RxOUT2 RxOUT3 RxOUT4 RxOUT6 RxOUT7 RxOUT8 RxOUT9 RxOUT12 RxOUT13 RxOUT14 RxOUT15 RxOUT18 RxOUT19 RxOUT20 RxOUT21 RxOUT22 RxOUT24 RxOUT25 RxOUT26 RxOUT27 RxOUT5 RxOUT10 RxOUT11 RxOUT16 RxOUT17 RxOUT23 VESA R0 R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 G0 G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 B0 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 HSYNC VSYNC DE R6 R7 G6 G7 B6 B7 JEIDA R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 HSYNC VSYNC DE R0 R1 G0 G1 B0 B1




Resolution of LCD TV
Resolution Aspect Ratio 15:9 HD 16:9 FHD 16:9 1366 x 768 1920 x 1080 23, 26, 32, 40, 46 40, 46, 5X No. of Pixel 1280 x 768 Panel Size 17, 19

Input Timing
Resolution : 1366 x 768
Signal Clock Hsync Vsync Display period Total Display period Total Item Symbol Fclk Min 60 43 48 1368 773 Typ 80 50 60 1366 (1280)* 1600 768 838 Max 85 53 66 1800 1200 Unit MHz KHz Hz Clocks Clocks Lines Lines


Fh Fv Thd Th Tvd Tv

Horizontal timing

Vertical timing

Input Pins Assignment

Connector: DF14A-20P-1.25H(HIROSE) or Compatable Model : 17, 19, 23 - HD
No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Signal Vin(+5V) Vin(+5V) Rx0Rx0+ GNN Rx1Rx1+ GND Rx2Rx2+ No 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Signal GND RclkRclk+ GND Rx3Rx3+ GND GND LVDS Option N.C LVDS Format Option High : VESA, Low : JEIDA LVDS cable

Input Pins Assignment

No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Signal N.C(#1) N.C(#2) N.C(#3) GND Rx0Rx0+ GND Rx1Rx1+ GND Rx2Rx2+ GND No 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Signal GND Rx3Rx3+ GND N.C(#4) LVDS Option N.C(#5) GND GND GND Vdd(+5Vdc) Vdd(+5Vdc) Vdd(+5Vdc)

Connector: FI-E30S(JAE) or Compatible

Model : 23, 26, 32, 40 - HD

LVDS cable

LVDS Format Option High : VESA, Low : JEIDA





Input Pin Assignment

No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Signal Odd Rx0 Odd Rx0 + Odd Rx1 Odd Rx1 + Odd Rx2 Odd Rx2 + Odd RxCLK No 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Signal Even Rx2 + Even RxCLK Even RxCLK + Even Rx3 Even Rx3 + Ground Ground LVDS Cable Connector: FI-E30S(JAE) or Compatable Model : 40, 46 - FHD

9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Odd RxCLK +
Odd Rx3 Odd Rx3 + Even Rx0 Even Rx0 + Even Rx1 Even Rx1 + Even Rx2 -

24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Ground Ground 5V Input 5V Input 5V Input 5V Input 5V Input

Input Pin Assignment(Inverter)

Connector : S14B-PH-SM3(JST) or Compatible No Pin Name Pin Configuration

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Typ 24V
Typ 24V Typ 24V Typ 24V Typ 24V Ground Ground Ground Ground B/L On/Off 3.3V : On, 0V : Off Analog Dimming 3.3V : Max, 0V : Min PWM Dimming Duty 30% : Min, Duty 100% : Max Inverter cable

11 12 13 14


No Connection Inverter Enable Analog Dimming PWM Dimming

Inverter Specifications
19 Lamp Input Voltage 6 U-Lamps 24V 23 6 U-Lamps 24V 26 8 U-Lamps 24V 32 16 Lamps 24V 40 20 Lamps 24V

Output Current PWM Dimming Analog Dimming PWM Frequency Lamp Frequency Power Consumption

4.5/~ /6.5 30% O 170Hz 60KHz 50W

4.0/~ /7.0 30% O 170Hz 60KHz 70W

4.5/5.5/6.5 30% O 170Hz 60KHz 80W

4.0/5.5/7.0 30% O 170Hz 60KHz 110W

4.0/5.5/7.0 30% O 170Hz 60KHz 180W

LED Backlight Driving Principle

Control Signal

LCD Driving Circuit

It is panel ( part NO.:LC420WUE-SBA) power sequence

Power Sequence

It is panel ( part NO.:LC420WUE-SBA) power sequence

TCL 26D20 LED drive circuit

DC=24V to DC=12V converter 24Vconverter 38V DC-DC and Multi-channel constant current control output voltage divider resistor

backlight ON/OFF control signal

PWM dimmi ng signal

26D20MP3389 is step-up control for 12 strings LED driver

MP3389s Circuit

LED Panel Structure Introduction

Open cell Take care braket Panel serial NO. Source board

Inverter board T-con boar d 2

protection sheet prim sheet(vertical)

3 Take care Tape Carrier Package


prim sheet(horizontal) Diffuser sheet

CCFLS Socket Fromt mounting bracket After taking out open cell,we can see protection sheet


LED Panel Structure Introduction

LED panel
Front mounting bracket After taking out open cell,we can see protection sheet

Panel Serial NO. 2


protection sheet prim sheet(vertical)

prim sheet(horizontal)
Diffuser sheet

Open cell
Inverter board T-CON board

LED poower supply socket

LED lamp Flexible printed cable

Backlight Structure Introduction

LED Panel Module Introduction

Power supply socket

Qtys LED lamps:18 unit

Qtys LED lamps:18 unit

Two LED modules are parallel

If Vinput=57V,Vone led=57/18=3.2v,so that one LEDs voltage is very low

For example:Part NO.: 4A-LCD32T-AUC panel,there are 36 LED lamp each LED unit

Two LED diodes,if one diode is defetive,the other diode can keep LED to light,two diodes is defetive,all LED cannot light

Solder on the PCB

The Others Introduction

Front cabinet Panel Power supply board Main board Front cabinet Panel Power supply board Main board Rear cabinet

Open cell The other LCD TV structure Stand base component Rear cabinet

Backlight module

Common LCD TV structure

Open Cell Structure

Source PCB+Gate PCB Source TCP

Gate TCP

Explain1Gate PCB and Source PCB and FPC in the Board FPC=Flexible Printed Cable PCB=Printed Circuit Board 2TCP=Tape Carrier Package

Working Instruction of The Panel

Reflector sheet Assembly protection sheet\prim sheet(two \diffuser sheet Connect ground cable Assembly bracket Bring open cell to assembly

CCFL bracket

Assembly protection sheet\prim sheet (two\diffuser sheet

Check here it is ok or not Put the open cell on the backlihgt module

Assembly CCFL ,take careCCFL not breaking Take care source gate board Take care :ccfl and socket connect Finishing assemblying backliht module Take care flexible printed cable Tools moving opencell

Check panel it is ok or not

LCD Trouble Shooting

1 CCFL is not light 2 CCFL flash

Check power N supply board

Check power supply V=24V or 12V Y

Check power supply V=24V

Check power supply board

Check Vblihgt-dimming or dimming Y N Check Vtcon?(powersupply of T-con board Vt-con) Y Check backlight board Check main board N

Check backlight on/off

Y N Check Vt-con?(power supplyof T-con board Vt-con) Y

Check main board Check backlihgt board

LCD Trouble Shooting

CCFL is light and then not light

Check power supply board

Check power supply V=24V or 12V

Y check CCFL or connect to CCFL cable or socket Y Check backlight board N checkCCFL or cable

Check main board

Y Check backlight on/off

LCD Trouble Shooting

CCFL is light to keep 2S,and then is not light N Check CCFL socket Check OPCs circuit Check transformers feedback circuit

Check PWMs OPV and feedback circuit

Check transformer or feedback circuit

N Check transformers voltage

Y Y Check OPV and OPCs circuit Replace PWM IC Check transformer or capacitor Check MOSS circuit and feedback circuit

N Check CCFLS socket or plug

What is LVDS?


High Speed megabits/second (Mbps) through gigabits/second (Gbps) Low Power x3.5mA current loop/output Low Noise low demands on power/ground radiated electric fields tend to cancel Low Cost pure CMOS implementations

What is LVDS?
LVDS(Low Voltage Differential Signaling) - Interface between TV set and LCD module - 340mV swing - 7:1 Muxing - 100 ohm R-Termination - Reduce Data Bus Width

Host System Graphic Controller

LCD Module





CMOS/TTL Interface
Data 24 line Control 3 line Clock 1 line

CMOS/TTL Interface LVDS Interface

Data 4pair + Clock 1pair = 10 line Data 24 line Control 3 line Clock 1 line

LVDS Signal Mapping

What is RSDS?
RSDS( Reduced Swing Differential Signaling)
- Interface between T-con and Source Drive IC - 200mV Swing - 2:1 Muxing - 100 ohm R-Termination - Reduce Data Bus Width ONLY 24 Data Lines, RSDS (200mV) @ 80MHz

RGB Data(RSDS) Timing Controller RSDS Tx

Timing/ Control
Source Column Driver


Source Column Driver Driver

Row Driver

RSDS Signal Mapping

Timing Control


D0 D1
D0 D1 D0 D1 D0 D1 D0 D1

. .
Row Driver



D2 D3

D2 D3

D2 D3

D2 D3

D2 D3

TFTThin Film Transistor LCDLiquid Crystal Display CCFL---Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp

LED-----Light Emitting Diodes HCFL -----Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamp FMB ------Front mounting bracket FPC--------Flexible Printed Cable(It is the circuit that applies to printing circuit with LC driver IC and COG circuit interface.) TCP--------Tape Carrier Package BLU --------Back Light Unit CELL------- Cell( It is the panel of liquid crystal that fill into the micro meter gap formed by combining two glasses substrates.) Cell gap-----Cell Gap(It is the gap between ITO film on color filter substrate and TFT substrate.The size of the gap affects the transmittance of LCD display substrate and response time of liquid crystal.) CF-----------Color Filter (In order for LCD to generate colors,there is a pattern with Red,Green and Blue,which is one of the parts in the LC cell.Color filter is structured by 4 major components:Black Matrix to block light, pattern to display colors,transparent protection film made from protection pattern and transparent electrode film used for driver LC). CIE chromaticity diagram--------- CIE chromaticity diagram shows the graph of 2 dimensional color coordinate.On the XYZ color graph and X10Y10Z10 color graph,it uses x,y or x10y10 direct coordinate,and they are called CIE1931 color graph or CIE 1964 color graph.It is also known as xy or x10 y10 chromaticity diagram.

COF-------Chip On Film(It is a simplified termof chip on film,which is a method of connecting IC chip to the electrode terminal of flexible printed circuit board.The specialty of this IC package method can thinner the flexible printed circuit board,which is about one third of thickness of TCP.It also increases the reliability of the liquid crystal display module.The current connecting processes used are:conductivity film,conductivity paste and eutectic conjunction.) COG-------Chip On Glass(It is a process of connecting electrode terminal of idisplay glass sub strate and I/O of Driving IC directly to each other.The Driving IC must have bumping,and the material used for liquid crystal substrate bumping is Au.The manufacturing process,which uses ACF as its connecting material,is more matred.) COP--------Chip On Plastic(It is a simplified term of Chip On Plastic,which is a method of connecting IC chip to the electrode terminal of plastic substrate.It is used for setting the driver IC onto the liquid crystal panel of plastic substrate. Contrast ratio-----The ratio between the maximum and minmum brightness when the LC is On/Off.The contrast changes with different viewing angles,and therefore,maximum contrast ratio is used for display.Generally,STN is 10:1 and TFT is 100:1 for display.

Data line------It is the perpendicular wiring used in TFT substrate to transfer display signals.Because it is connected with the Source electrode or Drain electrode on each pixel in TFT,it is also known as Source line or Drain line.The width of the line is often between few um to 10 um.

Driver IC-------It is the IC that drives the LCD.There two types of display matrix:Scanning electrode(column electrode)Driver and Signal electrode(row electrode)Driver.The package of driver changes from QFP to TCP.The Driver IC of poly-silicon LCD panel forms directly in the display screen.

Gray scale----- Gray scale is for tuning the display between maximum and minimum brightness.When digital signal is input to it,according to2,3,4,6 and 8 bit,there are 4,8,16,64 and 256 different gray levels.Analogue input can be used for infinity level tuning display.There are two ways of gray scale:LCD driving voltage tuning and frame rate control.
LCD Driver--------LCD Driver is for driving LC panel circuit or IC.In matrix terms,it can be differentiated into column electrode Driver and row electrode Driver. Scanning line------It is the horizontal wiring line,which transfers signal to the gate electrode in TFT board,It is also known as gate line.It also has the function to select horizontal pixels.When the pixels are selected by the scanning line,the TFT is in a conductivity status,and signals can be written into each pixel from Data line.The signal delay in the scanning line causes great impact to the quality of the screen image,and therefore,low resisto scanning line should be used.